Dumb-ass moves

Hi All!

As an MSer I have tried and done many and varrious things to fend off this rotten illness.  I have been fortunate in that, unlike many MSers, I do not have lots of pain.  I have had past successes from homeopathy.  I have taken ship-loads of varrious suplements.  I started LDN about 20 months ago.  I take regular and frequent "dives" in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  I have done all sorts of stuff; most of it dismissed and denigrated by the established medical professionals.  I embarked on the Wheldon CAP protocol back last May.  All of these moves, through my eyes, were smart, sensible - if unusual - moves.

A couple of months back I embarked on a course of having my amagam fillings removed and replaced with white mecury-free.  I had the second lot done ten days ago, so now the left side of my mouth has been done.  What a dumb-ass move!  My concerns about walking and MS are now seconary.  I have had my fourth lot of Paramol painkillers today (first lot at 03.40 am).  I will have to guard against dihydrocodeine addiction the way I am going.  Hopfully, when I revisit my dentist this week I will be able to have the problem(s) corrected.

Advice to any of you CPners out there with too much money or not enough pain: reflect on the not so supa idea that supaguy had!


Hi there,

I am another one who has been down many paths....

 I do not think that you had a bad idea.  Who knows the next idea could be the one that helps you turn the corner on this nightmare...

I had all the mercury removed from my mouth about 7 years ago.  I used a holistic dentist who used a special dam etc. to prevent the mercury from being released into my body.  Hopefully your dentist took these precautions.  

 I do not think this helped me a lot -- but I had to try.

I hope you are feelilng better soon!