dont take nac or vitamin d yet

Submitted by suzanne on Wed, 2010-02-10 01:55

Most of you know that I am very new and have only been on this protocol a month- I have a long way to go.

I have recently got your advice to not pulse tini yet but to up my dose of roxy to the full 150mg am and pm...I am trying to do this, over the course of this week....and still be able to function.

I have not yet introduced vitamin d or NAC. Vitamin d makes me feel sick and NAC makes me feel even worse ( 600mg tablet once knocked me out for a whole day with very bad nausea and headache).

I have trialled vitamin d at 3,000IU a day and it alos makes me feel sick. My current vitamin d reading is very low at 50 nmol/l or in American measurement I think that is about 20ng/ml. I know I need to raise my vit D level- it is a question of doing it in a way my body can tolerate- perhaps starting slowly- perhaps others have had the same issues and can share how they ramped and at what dosages over time?

Would people suggest that I start introducing vitamin D at this point and hold back on the NAC for a while, until I settle into the programmme?

Sorry for all the is just that I am a bit unsure of my way and there is no medical help to guide me in Perth, Western Australia, so I am really managing my own case.

My neurologist, however, is adament that I should be taking vitamin D ....I am not sure if he thinks it will help the migraines but he probably thinks I am at risk of MS




We are all ""innocent bystanders" here - watching (and feeling!) the war within.  When you take NAC or Vit D, that is the  fallout of the engegement of the enemy - we hope it is the beginning of their end.  You are getting to the part that I call "the hard part".  Stay with it - you don't seem as brainfogged as some of us - that is a very good thing - except that you are more aware of what is happening.

Probably you will need to take smaller amounts and work up slowly, but PLEASE work on your D level!  Do what you can - "As fast as you can, but no faster".  

By the way - NAC can be hard on the stomach if you don't take enough liquid with it.


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Hi. I had difficulty with both NAC and Vit D to begin. I only took one 600 mg. NAC capsule for a few weeks. I took it with lots of water and my breakfast meal. Also I used moppers to alleviate the symptoms. Sucked on Smarties candies all day, later used glucose tablets and also Emergen-C drink helps me as well. After a few weeks I added another 600 mg at dinner. It took me several months to work up to the recommended 2400 mg NAC. I still do take 1200 mg with breakfast meal and 1200 mg. with dinner meal. NAC is to help stop the EB form of the Cpn infection, so personally I felt that it was more important to get that done before the vit. D.

When I could take the full dose of NAC I began taking 400IU of vit D in the AM. After I adjusted to it after a few weeks I added another 400IU in the PM. I took 800IU this way for a few more weeks until I adjusted to it. Then I added another 400IU. You get the idea. I now take 4,000IU daily - 2000IU in the AM and 2,000 IU in the PM.

All this ramping up was hard work with symptom flare up. But it is worth it because once you get it done you can feel the benefits eventually. It is mandatory you use moppers or you will have symptoms too great and you will fail being forced to stop. If you use those moppers I mentioned plus yaeyaema chlorella, activated charcoal capsules (or whatever else works for you) consistently on a daily/nightly basis without fail you will succeed. If not, you will be miserable and quit. It matters that much! Detoxifying is the way you can help your body and eating nutritious food. Lots of raw veggies - carrots especially help and protein. You need to avoid processed foods, sugar, chemicals, alcoholic beverages, etc. to help your system. 

It is hard work but it is well worth it. I hope you will do all you can to succeed. We all are root'n for ya! ;) ~  Miying

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Thnaks Rica and Miying for your help. I am going to definitely stick with the protocol - I have no other option. I feel like something that the cat dragged in...but I guess you all can assocoate with having felt like that. I am going to slowly increase my vitamin D first as my neuro is very concerned that it is so low. And I only can cope with introducing one more thing at a time at the moment. I will try and ramp it at 1000 iu a day and see how I go.

I will leave the NAC for down the track a ways - and when I stabilise a bit I will add it in - realising of course, that it seems so important to the protocol. I really appreciate the input and support from all.


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Suzanne, Everything is a important agent in the treatment of cpn and co infections. I was just like you and had horrible die off reactions with the vitamin d. My doctor was very persistent on the importance of higher vitamin d levels. 

Vitamin d has many benificial benefits to the body and is already low due to infectons.

Here is a small list of it's benefits:

Vitamin d defiiency leads to a form of immune compromise that has been recently recognized. Vitamin d is requird to make cathelicicin which becomes LL-37, this is a potent antibiotic,antifungal, antiinflammatory molecule.

Helps with gram-negative infections,viral infections and new studies on lyme.

Lack of sunlight and vitamin d is being associated with MS, cancer, heart disease.


I grew up in sunny California and never realized the importance of vitamin d until I became sick with CPN. It's amazing to feel the die off effects from just taking a vitamin d pill.  This is just proof of it's potency and how it is helping the bodies immune function.

Everything in the protocol is within a balance to kill and hold in check virusus to have a successful treatment.


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Suzanne, try 1,000 IU per day vitamin D3.  I take 3,000 IU per day and I'm a 170-lb man with very little sun exposure.  In Australia and if you're smaller, 1,000 IU may be enough.  There should be a fairly broad range in which vitamin D levels are effective good, I think if you get up to 35 ng/ml (90 nmol/l) that's probably good enough.  We don't really know what the optimal level is.

Also, try getting some vitamin K2, MK-7 or menaquinone form, to take with it.

Are you taking 2 gm/day vitamin C?  That should precede the NAC.


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I'm taking 8,000 to 10,000iu of Vitamin D daily, but I sure didn't start out at these levels! There are vitamin D pills with much lower doses, like 200iu, on the market. Best to start slowly and add in a bit more over time than to make yourself too ill to function.

A friend of mine started with 3,000iu a day and experienced headaches for several weeks. When he backed off to 1,000iu/day, he felt much better. He's now going to ramp up VERY slowly, instead of making himself so sick he can't go to work.

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Thanks for all the coments about getting the vitamin D levels up slowly. It had been a puzzle to me at first ( and a big annoyace to my neurologist ) that I could not just take the 7,000 iu a day that he prescribed. I now understand why it made me sick. The neuro still has no idea and he is not the sort of guy that I try to convince ( without double blind trials etc...if you get the picture). I will do as you suggest and start at the 1,000iu a day and ramp from there. I may even go a bit more quickly, knowin that I will have some side effects, as my migraines every day are a real concern and there is some literature to support that increasing vitamin D levels may help with the migraine prevention- at this stage...where I have had a migraine almost every day since christmas, I think almost anything is worth a go.

My aim is to get the dose of vitamin D up to the 7,000 iu a day as suggested by my neuro and then continue to get tested over the next few months. The neuro seemed to be aiming for me to get to 100nmol/l...although as Paul states there seems to be no one school of thought on what ones level shoud be exactly. It will take me weeks if not months to get to the 7,000 iu a day. But I guess this is not a race.

As Macintosh put it, you still have to be able to function.

FMS/ME dx 2001. Started Wheldon Protocol 16 Jan. '10. Mino 100mg q 24 h. Roxy 150mg q 12h. Cholestyramine, LDN 0.75mg q 24 h. prophylactic migraine-topamax 75mg q 24h. migraines, headache, fatigue, sleep problems, body aches

good job Suzanne, ramp up slowly, that is best.  Best to expect the unexpected, this has been quite a ride for most of us & I am no exception to that rule.

As for moppers, I take HD Chitosan but it is a shellfish product if you have allergy.  I also have emergen C handy too for flushing. It works well for me.  Have lots of moppers ready so that if you are getting slammed you can deal better with the die off.

blessings for our wellness recovery



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I would get serum levels tested.  You may want to stop well short of 7,000 IU/day.  Don't let blood levels get over 80 ng/ml, I would aim for 50 ng/ml.  Your body can ramp up vitamin D dose by converting 25(OH)D to the more active 1alpha25(OH)D form, so you don't need to overdo the 25(OH)D.
Blogger at 17-year chronic illness cured with diet and antibiotics, nearly fully recovered.

Suzanne I have been on the protocol for a year now,it has been very hard.The first 3 months where the hardest,my legs wouldn't work,couldn't sleep,terrable brain fog,had to give up work etc etc.Stick with it it is getting better for me.I am still weak  and tire easily but I am much brighter and my pulses are getting easier etc.My vit D levals are ok it seems and I haven't done the Nac but my doctor is looking into that this week.I found once all my vitamins kicked in things got a little easier as well.When everyone says don't rush listen, that was my biggest problem it wasn't happening fast enough for me but this is all teaching me great lessens and paitence is one of them.This site is a God send with wonderful help and advice,Goodluck.

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I only recently and accidentaly discovered the importance of vitamin D. I eased on the antibiotics because I had some really stressful week (needed to have a lecture etc) and wanted to function. But last weekend I was sunbathing for about 40 minutes. This whole week I had a quite severe die off, needed to take moppers to ameliorate the porphyria. I was searching for the reason and the only possibe explanation seems to be the vitamin D. 

I will now sunbathe regularly a try to fight the infection with vitamin D. It seems a really natural and efficient way. 

Hi Jacck

How funny - I too discovered the power of sunbathing only recently.

We've had some sunny weather in London over the past few weeks and, on three occasions, I've had due-off symptoms after sitting in the sun for about twenty minutes. Like you, I've had to take extra charcoal. 

Looking back over the past few years, I do remember having low energy and brain fog on holidays to hot countries but now I'm on the abx, it's really noticeable. I wonder whether it's a sign that my vitamin D wasn't high enough?


Hi Hameldon,

I believe that it could be a sign that your vit D was not high enough, especially if you live in London. I have never been to London myself, but I have heard about the famous English weather :-)

With me, the die off comes two days after sunbathing. And I read somewhere, that during sunbathing vitamin D is formed in the skin, but it takes two more days to be transported from the skin, converted to its active form etc.

Looking back at my lifestyle over the last decade, I did not have enough sun. Even in summer, I spent most days indoors. So I believe that vit D defficiency might be the reason why I caught chronic chlamydia.

One more advice of caution: do not sunbathe with doxycyclin or minocyclin, better to set these antibiotics off, otherwise your risk staining of your teeth, heavy sunburns etc.

there is some treatment in germany for CSF that recommends treating it with 400 000 IU vit D initial dose