27 Apr 2018

Does NAC Flu mean CPN present?


I had a strong flu like response to taking NAC (1200 mg/day), including sore muscles and lots of mucus. Does this mean that I have C. Pneumona in my body? If so what should be the next step?Thanks in advance,Rick


"Does NAC flu mean that CPn is present?"YES, it most certainly does.Some people believe that this protocol is right for everybody ... and whilst some people are not so sure, there are others that do not. For whatever standpoint, you my friend, definitely fit into the category of person for which this protocol is absolutely ideal.   whatever you suffer from doing it, you should not suffer from any nagging doubts.The next stage for you is to start taking 100 milligrams of doxycycline with some food and lots of water everyday.   take precautions against strong sunlight and don't take the Dr cycling alongside zinc.This website is open every single day of the week and every week of the year so you don't need to absorb the whole textbook in one Great lump. Hopefully, you have already looked at the text on the getting started tab.   You will note there that there are a number of vitamin supplements that are recommended; vitamin D is probably the most vital.I am sure lots of other people will chip in as well as cheer you on.   for my part I wish you good luck and good health.SmileG.

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Rick - what other symptoms do you have?How long have you had them?Any other things that point to CPN?I suspect that there will be a Dr nearby who can help you. watch out for stuff popping up in the "messages" section on the left. People dont like to advertise Dr's who are doing this in the general content pages.Good luck!