27 Apr 2018

doctor in NYC


Hi,I started CAP treatment a while back when I was out of country to gether with a very knowledgable doctor. Many of my symptoms have since improved or even disappeared. Yet some are still there... In anycase, I'm located in NYC now and would love to find a local doctor who is experienced in treating this condition. I often read positive posts about Dr. Powell but unfortuantely he is too far away. Therefore I'd be grateful about referrals to doctor's in NYC who are experienced in treating this conditions...Thank You very much!


I'm hoping someone will help out here, because we've had trouble finding doctors in the NYC area, which seems strange since Lyme is centered in Connecticut and Lyme-literate doctors should be amenable to prescribing for cpn. (The protocols are very similar.) Watch your private messages, as we don't post most doctor names or info on the public board.

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