Difficulties in Trachomatis diagnosis and treatment - abx, herbal medicine, essential oils

About CT on Cpnhelp.org:

After most likely 8 years of suffering from Chlamydia Trachomatis (CT)—3 years for sure, and 6 months knowingly and treating—I have recently stumbled upon Cpnhelp.org.  The knowledge here has been of incredible benefit, and I hope my story and what I have learned may help contribute. 

I do think it would helpful if there was a mirror site (ie Cthelp.org) or at least a specific Category for CT and CT sufferers on this website.  I have searched through most of the posts for info on CT and I find that this separation would be beneficial because it would:

a) not confuse topics between Cpn and CT,
b) concentrate all CT info in one place, and
c) help to clarify exactly what CT is, for the whole world.  In my opinion, general public knowledge of CT is abysmal. 

On CT in general:

From what I have experienced, many CT sufferers and doctors poorly understand the disease and its treatment methods.  This is because superficial CT symptoms are easily confused with other prostatitis symptoms and (because CT is very difficult to diagnose, see below) treatment methods are therefore confused and disputed. 

I suspect that, at onset, CT and Cpn are very different beasts.  Cpn overall seems to be much more dangerous to lifelong health.  That being said, if given time to run its course, I believe that CT (like Cpn) is a systemic bacteria that can cause urological disfunction but also autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders, neuromuscular disorders, and psychological disorders.  It is incredible to me that almost zero info about these CT effects can be found online (Even on doctors’ websites like Dr Toth).  I was unsure of this hypothesis (it is very well-based but it is still a hypothesis) until reading about Cpn at Cpnhelp.org (thank you Cpnhelp).  They are different organisms, but it seems only logical that their life cycle and systemic travelling potential to be very similar.  The only webpage that I found that described this (and also accurately described my deeper CT symptoms was: http://www.interhomeopathy.org/chlamydia-trachomatis-clinical-observations?currency=EUR#jfc697f35a ).

CT diagnosis difficulties: 

I finally found a good urologist (Patrick Constancis, Paris).  Hearing my acute symptom list (painful, burning, and frequent urination, spasms, sexual disfunction), he suspected that I still have CT (see background story below).  He made me do the swab test for CT after prostatic massage (Laboratory Saada, Paris).  BINGO POSITIVE.  Hit me like a bombshell.  Had been with the same girl since early 2010 so I had had it for at least 3 years, probably 8 years.   (Yes, she tested positive too).  Thus began my attempts at treatment……  so, to reiterate—I tested negative 3-4 times for CT within three years and I actually still had it.  The important thing here:  in my opinion, a negative test for CT means nothing unless it’s done directly after a prostatic massage. 

CT Treatment begins:

Herbal medicines for CT:  I planned on coupling my prescribed abx treatment with herbal medicines.  Already familiar with the potency and efficacy of herbal medicine, I began to study possible herbal treatments for CT, mostly by studying the books of Stephen Buhner (Herbal Antibiotics, Herbal Antivirals).   I did this because antibiotics have dangerous and/or unknown short and long-term side effects; they kill the good and bad inside the body.  They are also creating pathogenic resistance at an alarming rate. 

According to Buhner, the following herbs are specifically active against Chlamydia: 
-Baicalensis Scutellaria (Baical skullcap)
-the berberines (Goldenseal, Barberry, etc)
According to the company Nutramedix, their producer, Banderol and Cumanda are also specifically active against Chlamydia.

Other herbs that, according to Buhner, help in combination with other herbs and even antibiotics but are not specifically active by themselves are Echinacea Angustifolia, ginger, and licorice (especially licorice).  I have found that ginger is often the only thing that makes me feel full of energy and digest well.    

First month treatment:  Following my urologist’s prescriptions, I began to take 4wks of doxycycline with prostatic massage twice weekly.  This type of treatment (abx + massages) is based on the work of Dr. Feliciano in the Philippines (http://www.prostate.com.ph/ … However, Feliciano recommends 3-4 massages per week).  No alcohol and no ejaculation, according to the docs.  No “auto-prostatic massage” either—if it’s not done properly it can aggravate the “pockets” of chlamydia.  After each massage, the laboratory doctor (Laboratoire Saada, Paris) tests a drop of seminal fluid that comes out after the massage for its white blood count and free cells (“cellules”) per magnification field.  According to the wbc, he determines whether or not the abx treatment regime is working. 

Along with the doxycycline I took the herbs:  baical skullcap, Cryptolepis, ginger and licorice, at varying doses.  According to wbc tests, this regime was not working.

Second month treatment:  I switched to Zithromax for two wks, then Zithromax + decalogiflox for two weeks, while continuing the prostatic massages.  I modified my herbal treatment as well—I began taking barberry, Echinacea angustifolia, and goldenseal.  After three weeks I added Banderol and Samento (Nutramedix). 

After one week of Zithromax treatment, I went to bathroom after a prostatic massage and yellow pus came out when I pissed.  That highly disturbed me but because I was no longer at the lab I could not test the specimen.  It didn’t happen again during treatment.  And my wbc died down to nothing in the weeks that followed. 

According to my laboratory doctor I was “healed” at the end of the second month.  I still had burning symptoms, and I didn’t feel healed.  But, following my docs, I stopped taking abx.

Negative…then positive again:  Regardless, I genuinely felt much better than before treatment.  More energy, notably more sexual energy.  I continued, however, to do prostatic massages 1-2 times per wk because I felt it cleared my system.  I also continued Banderol, Samento, barberry, Echinacea and goldenseal.  4 wks after having stopped taking abx, I took a CT swab test following a prostatic massage.  Negative.  I was happy… but hesitant.  The next week, following a prostatic massage, the pus came out again during urination.  This time I was prepared, and gave a sample of it to the lab doctor.  He tested it for chlamydia—positive.  Back to square one.  SO, one week after having tested negative to CT even after prostatic massage, I tested positive.  This is what I mean by “very difficult to diagnose”. 

Post-abx:  Essential Oils and alternative medicine:  What followed were the worst CT symptoms I had felt in years.  It had “awakened.”  But, still, I decided to take some time off from abx, notably because the doctors are closed during august (yep, Europe) so massage was not possible.  Also, without abx prostatic massage can be dangerous because it “unleashes” the bacteria from their pus-filled pockets (my interpretation of my own symptoms).  I also wanted to try alternative medicine and do research before starting another wave of abx.  I did an 8-day master cleanser fast; I felt an overall health improvement.  I continued to take herbs.  I started a homeopathic treatment with a homeopathic doc. 
One month passed, in a not-so-good aggravated acute state of infection.  I then discovered Cpnhelp.org and the multi-drug protocols.  I started taking high Vitamin D and NAC, which seem to help.  Many of the Cpn symptoms (haziness, brain fog) correspond to my own.  I also discovered this post
http://www.cpnhelp.org/potential_new_protocol by Dylan about essential oils.  I began to do my research…. Thym thujanol is purportedly active against chlamydia.  I tried it and, frankly, I felt the difference immediately.  I took it orally and topically.  I also took Oregano and I followed Baudoux’s prescriptions for prostatis combinations:  Patchouli, Gaulthérie couchée, lentisque pistachier, cypress de provence, geranium egypte.  Then, last week, I was able to meet with the doctor that led the studies of chlamydia and essential oils (Franchomme) that everyone has been quoting all over French and English medicinal literature.  According to him, the prostatis oils will not kill CT and Thym Thujanol is powerful, but orally or topically still can’t make it inside the prostate.  He is currently researching other methods, and says he will keep me informed.  In the meantime, I continue taking Thym thujanol and oregano as well as Niaouli and tea tree.  I have felt benefits with the last two.  It is of the oils researcher’s opinion that I may not have simply CT; but that my body is also fighting something else.  He has sent me to do some special tests (ptérines urinaires).

Regardless, I can say that for me, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine and essential oils are NOT strong enough to treat CT alone… at least in the way I have been taking them.

Preparing for the Wheldon protocol + herbal treatment:  I plan on going back on abx very soon, but this time round I will do a multi-drug wheldon protocol while also taking herbal/essential oils simultaneously.  FYI herbs and essential oils –yes they are plants but they are very powerful and must be taken under guidance.  Licorice and most EO, especially oregano, for example, cannot be taken for long periods of time.   Contraindications must be checked, sometimes requiring a decent amount of research. 

I thought I’d post this if anyone can learn something from my own story or help me.