27 Apr 2018

Die off from oregano oil


 My doctor has noticed I have been getting build up of yeast on my tongue and startred my on oregano oil. My question my be a bit over the top but can this cause severe die off symptoms?I have read that oil of oregano is a natural and that it has significant effects on micro organisims. It is potent in being an anitbacterial,antifungul,and antiparasitic. The carvacrol must be at least 70% or higher to be effective. Since I just started taking it I have been feeling extreme fatigue, off balance, dizzy, severe brain fog.


Hi Bonnie,

I use wild oregano oil frequently.  I use it if I feel that I can comming on to a viral illness and find that it often nips it in the bud. I also use it after flagyl pulses when the probiotics just aren't doing the job treating dirrhea, gas and just general bowel irritation.  I can't say that I have noticed any significant die off when usubg oregano oil but it certainly stands to reason that if you have a significant amount of yeast in your body that you would experience dying off of the yeast.  Yeast die off can cause all the herxheimer symptoms.  I don't know if wild oregano oil is active against chlamydia pneumoniae.


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Oregano oil is one of the recommended adjunts on our list of supplements.... I know some others here have used it..

I agree it could be the yeast dying off. I used a product called Tanilbit (years ago before I knew I had CPN) for yeast and it made me feel terrible, like I had the flu.

FWIW. :)

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Hi Bonnie,

I don't have any experience with oregano oil so hopefully someone else will answer you on that but... I do know that cholestyramine could be absorbing some of your recirculating hormones (ie; cortef) which could make you feel those symptoms or if you've altered your dosage on cortef.  Die off is only one reason for it so I think you'll need to monitor everything you're doing to see what you've changed, if anything else could be the culprit.  

BTW, I just had a discussion this weekend about how sugar cravings oftentimes indicates the yeasty beasties are needing to be fed and when one cuts back on carbs, yeast products (cheeses, breads) and sweets, there can be a significant feeling of awfulness due to yeast die off.  I recall this from years ago by just altering one's diet.

I've used Citricidal when I've felt something fungal or yeast like coming on. I put a few drops in a small glass of water a few times for a few days and it's gone.  You can also buy capsules which I've taken but it doesn't work as well since it's alot less potent.  

I've also put Citricidal in my dogs' water trough and on a kitchen sponge.  I've just noticed they also have Citricidal ear drops on THIS PAGE which I might get for my dog.    

I found THIS about candida and Citricidal for treatment, which discusses how to proceed due to die off.  Maybe there's something similar for oregano oil somewhere?

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I also like Olive Leaf Extract for yeast. I put a dropper full in licorice tea and it seems to fight back the yeast.

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This is an old post but I need to add to it. I had a bad virus in April and felt there was still something hanging on in my sinuses many weeks later. I got tired of trying other herbs and took a combo tincture of oregano oil and olive leaf extract. The next day I was nauseated, had major chills to the bone and headache. Big die off. Something got hammered.

After some vitamin C and water, I felt better and my sinuses are clear.

Be well,


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Hi Horses 12!

I just took one of my tiny little oregano oil capsules a a couple of hours ago when I woke up.

No, don't get any die-off effects from using oregano oil capsules; but then again, I don't really get much of an effect from anything that I take.

I am not a doctor and I'm no expert on anything at all really. I take oregano oil capsules because I believe that I get a buildup of fungus in my lower gut when I go without it for too long. As I say, I have no adverse effects from it. If I were getting adverse effects, then stop taking it and use an alternative.

A fungal build-up in the mouth is going to be easier to treat than father down the GI tract. Have you tried the often-touted live yoghurt?

I wish you good luck regardless my friend.




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