Diagnosed with PFO during Echocardiogram - Please Help!

I have been treating Lyme/Cpn for years now and almost had a full recovery. Recently I was under alot of stress and was exercising vigorously with no apparent problems. Recently however I have been having episodes of weakness (spells) where I get weak, nauseous, pale, shaky, a strong pain in the head, confusion and mild stroke symptoms: word recall, mild speech problems, confusion. Also mild chest pain, elevated BP, and feel very anxious and sweaty. This happens when doing nothing, sometimes after a walk or walking upstairs, or lifting groceries etc... I went to cardio and had full workup (have had numerous workups in past, all good). He did a treadmill which went fine. Today they did an echocardiogram with bubble study and found a PFO (open hole from one side of atria to the other). Apparently this is common with CFS patients and 25% of the pop has it. Next week they will do a TEE to see how big the hole is (rest of echo looks fine). They may suggest closing it if it is a large hole. I have read on the internet that some studies have found a link to PFO and Cpn. Anyone out there have a PFO? What did you do about it? Will the antibiotics help? I am weighing the idea of surgery as they are linked to strokes, but then again who knows? Any input greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Mycoplasma1,  I don't have any input for you but just wanted to send my thoughts of support.  You've been through quite a bit on this journey!  Hopefully it will be a very small one...(PFO).  I had an echcardiogram done last year, but don't believe it included the bubble study.... I'll have to check my records.

Keep us posted, perhaps someone else has something to share....


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Thank you. My cardio followed up with a TEE and all looked good. No PFO which I find very strange since it showed up on the echo before the TEE.
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