Development of Chlamydia pneumoniae inclusion

Interesting, yet kinda creepy knowing this is what is going on inside us.

   Development of Chlamydia pneumoniae inclusion




Do I really want to know this? ;-)

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Oh, this is horrible. Those poor nuclei getting pushed aside. No wonder we feel bad.

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Can someone (JeanneRoz, anyone else) explain what "inclusion" means and what I'm seeing in this video?  I find it fascinating but I played it three times and I don't understand what I'm seeing.  Looked up inclusion but I don't really get it.  Can someone please explain what the different "blobs" are and what is happening, and which spots are the cell nuclei and which are the CPn?  Does this show Cpn invading a human cell and bursting it?

 Would love to know more. This puts abstract discussions in a real context.  If I can get a blow by blow of what's happening, even better!  Much obliged....Len

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Would love to have a narration to this

There was no sound or at least I heard nothing 



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