Desperateůy ůooking for AUREOMYCINE

Submitted by euchrid on Sun, 2016-09-18 06:16

Hello everybody,

so im still fignting with the intraocular infection by Chlamydophila felis. The quinolons prescribed by czech doctors didnt help at all and im still goinng blind. Im neraly completeůy blind now ?-(((

A biochemist and a catr lady, who has been through this disease, told me that quinolones dont work well inside the eye, either. And the best treatment for tzje feline chlamydia is Aureomycine, but must be used both systeemically (perorally) and topucally as an eye ointment, One without the other doesnt work, either, . Chlamyydophila felis is often laso compltely resistant to Doxycycline, which is probably my case.

Ok, so Aureomycine, Unfortunately, this antibbiotic is not avauiilable in my country anymore in either form. I was told it was efficient and too cheap  and didnt pay off! So im looking fpr it somewhere abroad,

Has anyone an idea, how to find it and get it to Czech Republic?  It could possibly save my life.... Doctors here only wash hands over me and just tell me that i shlould put up with it and learn how to live blind :-((( i cannot live blind :-(((

I don't know anything about this medication, but a google search finds it easily available at veterinary supply places on the internet.

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In Stephen Buhner's Healing Lyme,second edition book, he talks about aqueous decoctions of berberine containing plants as a cure for C. Tracomatis infection of the eye.

There are many plants that contain berberine. Such as Barberry.

Here is what he says:

"Thirdly, these plants perform similarly when used as aqueous decoctions or infusions as eyedrops in the threatment of Chlamydia-caused trachoma. As one example: a clinical study with 51 people suffering from C. Trachomatis-initiated trachoma of the eye, compared to the use of aqueous berberine drops with sulfacetamide. Conjunctival scrapings from the sulfacetamide-treated group found they remained positive for chlamydial infection. However, the berberine group were clear and remained so one year later."

You might try to find some of these plants and make a decoction with distilled water.


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