dental concerns


I would like to discuss dental concerns related to Cpn and lyme, coagulation and mercury and mold issues.

I am new to the group and know someof you through cfids, CA lyme. 

I would like to hear if others are concerned about their dental care, if anyone has had bad dental experiences reltaed to our illnesses.

Is it problematic to pull an old toxic root canal wiht spirochetes in there?

I realize root canals are very toxic and bad, but am worried about spreading the lyme somehow.  Also mold and sinus infections, bad headaches from this tooth, possible NICO ,possible cavitaiton..  How would one treat it first or ist it better to pull? I am also considering a root canal redo, or a less toxic european style redo.

I also have concerns about pulling other non root canaled teeth.

I would like to know if there are any new kinds of less toxic root canals or partial root canal treatments.


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What does it mean when the Drs  say I have  low Cpn numbers that are not current infections?  I have similar high hhv6 numbers , and also lyme and tick co infections.


If it is not a current infection, should I be treating the Cpn?   the Drs doent seem very interested in these numbers.




Oh, how many times have we heard about those 'inconsequential' cpn titres? Most doctors don't realize what a stealth bacteria this bug is, so they don't think to treat an 'old' infection. Problem is, because this bacteria resides within the cells, rather than on them, no antibodies are created. Therefore, blood tests don't recognize an active cpn infection. (It's active all right; it's just hidden inside the many, many infected cells!)

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Hello, Amydent, a couple of months ago I had a dental thermogram done from which I was told I had a severe dental infection in my upper left  side.  Ironically, a few weeks earlier I had a crown replaced on my #14 upper). 

 I was in terrible pain and had even scheduled an extraction of that tooth!  BUT, after going to an ENT, an endodontist, and my dentist twice, it was determined it was my sinuses.  

I started back on the full CAP (including Tini -- as well as some other adjuncts) and got it back in control.   So, for me, my "dental infection" was actually (IMO) CPN.. because none of the testing concluded or found anything else.  And, the inflammation on the thermogram was my sinuses not teeth. 

Pulling/fixing a tooth w/ a root canal is something left to the experts... and should be someone (preferably) who has trained in the Hal Huggins (or comparable precautions)  method... 

 As you probably know pulling a tooth with a root canal incorrectly can make a person very ill;  and, from what I've read/learned so far.... all root canals are bad

 Here are some excellent links perhaps you may find some insight to your questions there.....


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