Day 6 of Pulse

Submitted by HealthyGirl on Sat, 2016-05-14 13:28

Day 6 of this pulse.  I am very tired and very sad.    Cry    Time to shut it down!

Agreed.  Good job, though, on doing the six days. 

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Six days! That is more than I ever managed! Time to get some rest and recuperation............Sarah 

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Hi Healthy Girl

I read your post a little differently from how others may have seen it.

I hope that you are feeling a little better and a bit more positively today.

There’s a little group of people that started about a similar time to me. I wish everyone well but to that little group, that thought is especially so.

I seem to recall that you recently asked about biotin and when to take it. There are people outside of this forum that have some good and very encouraging results. I know of one lady within this forum that has had some very notable and tangible improvements; these I attribute to high-dose biotin. Perhaps it could take anything up to a year before this vitamin has any marked positive effect on you … and perhaps it’ll be sooner. I really hope for you, Healthy Girl. I hope that, just like Boadicea, you will show real evidence of being on the mend. If she can do it, you can do it … and so can I!

Good luck, girl!

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“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

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Oh, you've just so much made me smile, Supa!  If I can do it, anyone can!

I'll let you into a secret though - I've never managed more than 2 day pulses.  So well done to you, Healthygirl! x

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Biotin is vitamin B7 or vitamin H. As a general rule these vitamin nutritional supplements should be taken with food.

I don't know whether you are already taking the stuff or not. Many people become confused by the way it is measured and the dose that they should be aiming for. Gradually ramp up the dose. 300 mg (milligrammes) is the dose cited in the French trial. Try to remember that a microgram (mcg) is a thousand times smaller than a milligramme (mg).

This stuff has been shown to help some people like us; lowering EDSS by as much as a full point. That it a big deal ... but it can take a fair while to show. That said, I know of a fellow CAPer that has regained bladder control and reduced tremor.

Buying the stuff in pure powder form is far cheaper in the long run.

I hope this helps.

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“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Hi there Healthy Girl!

Re: “Can I take biotin with food and antibiotics?”

Yes. Just do as you normally do. Biotin is just another vitamin … vitamin H or vitamin B7. You should already be taking vitamin B … so just pop this biotin along with your other vitamin B: with food.

As for taking antibiotics; well, it’s a good idea to take your doxycycline along with your first mouthful of food. I take my roxithromycin when I wake up: on an empty stomach. If you are taking azithromycin, you can take this too on an empty stomach … or just do whatever you do now.

Taking 10 mg of biotin really is no big deal. You will have to take a fair bit more than that to see a difference. In the French trial, they were taking what is the equivalent of 30 of those tablets you’ve got every day. I think that they were taking 150 mg twice a day i.e. 300 mg a day.

Good luck.

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“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln