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Submitted by CurlyToes on Wed, 2009-12-16 19:10
Could someone please explain what "pulsing'' is?

Pulsing.......... here is a description from a  previous post:  

Another description of "pulsing":

When the first two antibioticsi are well tolerated start pulsing the third. For one day every three to four weeks initially. Increase the number of days per pulse gradually to five days.

 Definition of a pulse: Think of a cycle of treatment as a period of time. How long that period is depends on how well you are coping with the Combined Antibiotic Protocol (CAPii), usually this cycle is three or four weeks long. Once during this period of time you take Metronidazolei (or Tinidazole) for a period of up to 5 days at the full dose. In the beginning of your treatment the pulse may be only one day long, as you tolerate the CAP you can increase the number of days you take the Metronidazole. Well into the treatment you may want to increase the number of days you take Metronidazole (or Tinidazole) beyond the 5 days recommended.

The reason behind a pulse is that Metronidazole or Tinidazole are the killer antibiotics (called bactericides) and when Cpn dies it releases toxins into your blood that your body has to process. This pulsing allows your body to recover and makes the treatment more bearable. Too much bacterial kill at one time is overwhelming to the body.  Dr Wheldon regularly revises his protocol and it is worth visiting his website for the latest information.


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