Crohn's Disease -- CAP success?

I have a dear friend with a son-in-law with Chrohn's disease. 
I will suggest this site but it'd be nice to hear about experiences from those with Crohn before I do so.  She knows I'm on CAP for my MS and she knows I'm having a tough time without any improvement YET.  Thanks 

Mary Ann,

before I started the CAP, I was getting excruciating abdominal pain, I thought I was dying.  The pain was much worse than a 36 hour child birth & I thought that was bad enough.

We know the CPn can go anywhere in our bodies.  Is it a coincidence that we are experiencing huge numbers of "immune" illnesses.  I don't think so.

If I had Crohns, colitis, heart problems, or any other problem of an organ I would go after the CPn.  It can do more harm than we know at this time.

Why take the chance of having to face horrific surgery where they take your intestines out as they are damaged.

I am getting better & even a small improvement, like halting progression, is welcome  & significant imho.



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My friend met a women with Chrohns. She was sick a long time, had surgery.... She was put on IV abx due to surgery and had reactions that took her to an abx doctor who treated her for 7 years and now she is healthy and happy. She coulldn't walk at some point and now she water skis. I believe anyone with an autoimmune problem should try this.

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Widdy, I'm pretty sure that I agree with you. As I continue to struggle, I can report that i have two kids - one is 26 and the other 24. The older one was diagnosed at age 8 with ulcerative colitis.Prednisone and numerous drugs were ofered and the cure was remove the colon and get a bag. I said NO. I searched everywhere until I found an american doctor who treated her with antis. ove a 2 day period bringing her colon back to level of newborn. There's more involved but she was cured - hopefully forever - is not I'd have her  do it again.All"under the table" and it still is. That was 1992. My son got the same years later and was treated with same protocol and so far remains well.

This seems to be why I believe that we are all infected- me with diagnosed lyme, mycoplasma, bartonella, MS, them with IBD. I'll never know for sure.

Wiggy, I believe you're on the right track. I do wish I knew for sure!!!!!

Ruthless, I agree totally with you also. You'll get there!!!!!!!!!!!!d



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