Cpn Treatment Information

The links below will take you to pages with specific information involved in the treatment of Cpni.

Diagnostic Testing For Cpn<
Information on serological testing and the problems of this in Cpn.
Combination Antibiotic Treatment Protocols for Cpn<
Links to pages on the current versions of Vanderbilt/Stratton and Wheldon Protocols for treating Cpn infectionsi in various diseasesi.
Experts Comments<

Commentary and interviews  with various experts in treating Cpn which help guide and inform about various facets of treatment.
Treatment Reactions<
Information on some of the kinds and sources of treatment reactions one can expect on combination antibiotic protocols in treating Cpn, including cytokinei reactions, endotoxini reactions, secondary porphyriai and other reactions. These are often lumped under the term "herx," an inaccurate term and not as useful as really understanding what's going on.