CPn Titers: What is Significant?

I had my doctor run serology on several known pathogens.  These are the results:

Heliobacter pyloriNegative  
Chlamydia pneumoniaePositive1:512<1:20
Mycoplasma pneumoniaeNegative0.12 u/L
Chlamydia trachomatisNegative<1:64<1:20
Chlamydia psittaciNegative<1:64<1:20
Borrelia burgdorferiNegative  
Epstein-BarrPositive6.85 IV0.37 IV

 Bear in mind I was on NAC (1200mg daily) at the time.  How do these results compare?  Is the infection acute, mild, other?


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From what I have learned, this is significant. I have never been tested, but had pneumonia whan I was 10 or 11. In reviewing my life since, this bug - cpn - has proliferated into every availabe niche since. Then, in 1995, it got its chance and I began sinking at an ever faster rate until by 2004 when I was finally diagnosed, my life was heading for the precipice which PPMS patients eventually approach.

You know you have this sneaky bug, you know that it causes multiple chronic diseases - none of which are acknowledged by the medical community to be caused by this  YET -  and you know what to do about it. And to quote every man's philosopher "That's all I have to say about that".


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It does look like Cpn and EBV could be problems for you.  It is possible to have chlamydial, viral and bacterial pathogens reactivated in a person.  I am not familiar with that reference range for EBV.  Here is some info on EBV: 

Here is a link to an article about chronic EBV infection:


These authors find EBV VCA IgG of >=1:640 and EA of >=1:160 in patients with chronic active EBV infection (CAEBV).

This link gives additional info:


Dr. Montoya's criteria for participation in his recent research is at this link:


The criteria he used is:

 Patients with "high" antibody titers against HHV-6 IgG ≥ 640, EBV VCA IgG ≥ 640 and detectable EA Ab at 1:160 or HHV-6 IgG ≥ 320 if EBV VCA IgG ≥ 1280 and has detectable EA Ab at 1:160 (measured by the average of a minimum of two time points obtained during screening at least 3 weeks apart).

You can also view two videos about EBV infection on the HHV-6  website: There is a link on the home page:  www.hhv-6foundation.org :

"View videos from the Symposium on Viruses in CFS"

You might also consider getting tested for HHV-6 and enterovirus.   If you are in the U. S. then use Focus Diagnostics lab for HHV-6 (see: www.hhv-6foundation for more info).   Use ARUP lab for enterovirus:   See:  www.enterovirusfoundation.org

Make sure your doctor has ruled out all other causes for your medical issues such as thyroid issues, gluten intolerance, vitamin D deficiency, etc.  

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on valtrex 500 mg tid





 You certainly has a chronic active CPN infection. But your titers are still lower than mine(1:1280)



Suspıcıon of MS (transient nystagmus during conjugated gaze on february 2008, blepharospazms and some optic complaints on february 2009-no plaque on MRI), Vit D3 started 400 IU and elevated to 2000 ıu ın 40 days.

My IGG prior to Tx was also 1:512. And I was very sick.   CAP has been amazingly effective in getting back my Spirit, Mind, Emotions and Body.  I started 2 years ago last month. Read all you can here to familiarize yourself with the pattern of this bacteria and the range of experiences that result from treatment.   Please do a more detailed signature for better feedback based on your symptoms or diagnosis.   Louise
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