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I`m glad I found this site, a major thanks to the founders and contributors!

I have had unusual symptoms on and off for the last 2 years ( Nausea, fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain, tingling sensations in fingers/ face, chest pain, chilliness, sneezing, hoarse voice and so on) Lots of testing is done with no conclusive findings. In april this year one doctor tested for CPN antibodies and found posistive IGg and IGm for it ( The labs here dont say the levels, only "negative", "Boarder line", or "Postive" .

My doctor has given me two one month trials of Azitromycin which seems to relieve the symptoms, but now they cannot give me more since the regulations in my country wont allow it. So now im on "immunetheraphy" as they call it to strenghten my immunesystem instead of giving more antibiotics. ( Recently my B12/ Iron/ Amylase levels has dropped, and they also found that i have iodine deficiency). So im given supplements for this in addition to N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 1500mg/day and VSL3.  This treatment has not worked for my symptoms yet, after 7 weeks.

Today serology test for cpn came back and showed still positive IGm and boarderline titers for IGg. Do anyone know if this boarderline IGg means that the Cpn is gone and that the positive IGm just means that something else is crossreacting and causing elevated levels of Cpn IGm?


Glad that you found you way here: welcome.

So, you’ve had a couple of months of azithromycin and you don’t think that will have been sufficient to clear your CPn infection. Well, If that dose had have been enough, that would mean you and your doctors were all doing it right and all us people here at CPn help were all doing it wrong!

It is a fair bet that if you come across a website devoted to killing just one bacterium, the people in it have a fair idea what they’re doing. If you read the pages on this site, you will learn that you need at least three antibiotics given over a period of AT LEAST a year.

So, your doctors say that they cannot give you any more antibiotics after these two months. As I see it, you can either get those doctors to change their mind; try and get different Norwegian doctors to prescribe (3 antibiotics) or you can self-treat with antibiotics you’ve obtained yourself. There is yet another alternative, which is to continue living with the infection that you have.

I am sorry that you are in a country were antibiotics are so rigidly controlled. I know that we have more than one member that is from your neck of the woods; hopefully, one of those will contact you with advice on a means of obtaining treatment. I did hear on one chap from your area leaving his country just to go and buy antibiotics.

Hopefully it’ll all work out for you.

Good luck.



“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln


Hi again, and thanks for your reply! And I`m sorry if I offended you or anyone else in here, that was not my intention at all. I do not think that I or the doctors in my country do everything right, that is why I`m posting here. I asked a question, but I guess from your reply you dont think that borderline IGg and positive IGm means a crossreaction for something else than Cpn..I asked this because the lab paper said that they would expect IGg to be"postive" not "Borderline" to conclude that there is a current infection going on, and this will for sure stop the doctor from giving more antibibiotics. Its a jungle of information in here and out there on the web, and doctors in my country know nothing..but I will try to become more of an expert myself before I ask a question here again, Im sorry.

No, no; apologies are due from me if my response came across as abrupt. That wasn’t my intention at all.

Returning to the issue in hand. You were unwell. Your doctors gave you an antibiotic and you felt better. The doctors stopped the antibiotic and you felt worse. Regardless of what the lab results say, the antibiotics seemed to make you better. I am not a doctor but I reckon that I’d want to be carrying on with the treatment and feeling well again. I believe that this is what is called empirical treatment. I personally have never had any of these tests.

Apart from being sorry for coming across in the wrong way to you in my first response to you post, I am also sorry that I cannot offer you an easy solution to obtaining treatment. I know that all the Scandinavian countries seem to be very strict on antibiotics. In some other countries, it’s very easy to buy antibiotics without too much fuss. I am still hopeful that one of our other members more close to you will message you with advice on obtaining treatment.

In the meantime, you could already be taking the supplements listed on the “Getting started” page. NAC – which is not a drug – takes the place of one antibiotic. If you can buy this where you are, you’ll already have been fighting the battle.


My apologies once again if I came across as abrubt.

Kind regards,



“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln


Hi again, and thanks again for your reply, and apology accepted..It might just be me beeing a bit sensitive right now considering the cirumstances:) Yes you are right, the antibiotics is the only thing that has helped, apart from painkillers and meds for nausea, so I wish I could get more of it to get rid of the probable cause of all this. Thanks for your advice, and if anyone from my country sees this I hope too they will contact me.