Cpn EB's attached to red blood cells

Submitted by Jim K on Wed, 2005-11-30 19:07

I have a lovely picture like this taken by my own doctor from my own blood, only it is in black and white.  It has less spores, but they are definitely visible, and it is clumpy just like this.  I was so amazed to actually see it, I finally asked the doctor to give me a copy so that I could frame it.  Framing it may sound peculiar, but I felt it was very symbolic to me of finding a solution.  If I look at the picture it reminds me of how far I've come in just finding the problem, and how much further I might go in eradicating it.  Plus, it just looks cool.  And it is evidence that is hard for others to dispute when one can plainly see the CPn.  Hopefully someday I can have another picture of my "normal" non-infected blood that I can hang next to it.  What an odd pair of pictures that will be to hand in my house!   I'll call it some kind of abstract artwork!


Memphis,TN - FMS, IBS, rhinitis, depres (~20 yrs) CFS, intestine, bladder, pelvic inflam., red itchy skin, anxiety (~5 yrs). CPn titer 1:256.  CAP 6-07 Current NAC 2400mg; doxy 100mg x2, Biaxin 500mg x2, supplements, 1st pulse Flagy