Cpn Diagnosis (I think!)


Well after 20 years of searching for a diagnosis for Chronic fatigue and digestive issues, I think I finally discovered I have Cpn (and maybe Lyme disease and it seems another type of pnuemonia too). But I would like to learn more about the tests and be sure that I actually have Cpn. These are my lab results:

Chlaydia pneumoniae IgG: Result - 1:256 (critical abnormal) Ref range - <1:16 
Chlaydia pneumoniae IgM: Result - <1:10 (Normal) Ref range - <1:10
Chlaydia pneumoniae IgA: Result - <1:16 (Normal) Ref range - <1:16

Is it normal for both the IgM and the IgA to be negative? Many people on the thread:


seem to have high IgA and IgG. My IgG seems a lot higher than the reference, but lower than others report.

The doctor I saw was very thorough and I had a bewildering array of other tests:
Lyme IgG/IgM Western Blot
Genetic tests for the C677T and the A1298C mutations
Chlamydia species tests
Babesia Microti IgG/IgM
Bartonella antibodies
Borella hermsi IgG/IgM
Enrlica IgG/IgM
Mycoplasma pneumonia IgG/IgM

Maybe this list of tests will be helpful for someone else.

I was really ill over Christmas and spent a lot of time looking through this site as I was really desperate. There is a lot of really helpful info here - I am grateful for everyone who shares that. I got quite a bit better by going on a ketogenic diet. I put a post together that explains what helped me, in case it is helpful for someone else. It is at:



i am not an expert but it is odd that your IGM was normal. remember though that the lab results are not perfect. to confirm you can take NAC maybe 2400 mg per day (half in the morning & half at night) for 1 week. this kills the CPN & if you feel horrible/get sick then this is a sure sign you have CPN. Just go on to the CAP.

I had one lab say i was negative/boaderline for CPN & another i was definately positive. The other way to test for CPN is to check the blood flow in the veins in your neck. if one side is blocked this is because the bugs are living in there restricting blood flow.

i had CFS for 20 years before it was finally diagnosed as CPN, another friend with FM - same thing.

Hope that helps!




Testing is very unreliable both for CPN and LYME. Even if your LYME test was negative you may have LYME (and it looks like you have CPN). Which lab did your doctor use - IGeneX? Please read this about LYME testing: http://betterhealthguy.com/lyme/testing

If you have any questions, you can contact Chris via his website. He is very nice and helpful.

I hope you get treatment soon. At least do the NAC test as mlandsta suggests above. If 2400mg NAC is too high you can start with a lower dose: 500-600 mg 1x/day and increase over couple of weeks to 2400 mg/day.



Thanks mlandstra and MHW. The Lyme test (western blot) is quite hard to understand, but I trust the doctor I am seeing, who thinks it is indicated. I did use the IGeneX test for the Lyme (++41kDa and IND for 39kDa for both IGG and IGM). The CPN test was the Quest diagnostics one that is listed on this site somewhere as being pretty good. I also tested positive for heterozygous mutations C677T and A1298C in the MTHFR gene and had high IGG numbers for Mycoplasma pneumonia (3.20 cf reference <0.91).

I just ordered some NAC and will give that a try. I work to support my family as well as trying to get well (I also sleep a whole lot on the weekends!), so I may have to careful not to go too crazy. I was on the verge of giving up work until I started the ketogenic diet linked above. Perhaps the IGM numbers are low because my body recovered somewhat after I changed my diet - and beat back the infection a little. I have started a CAP (close to Dr Wheldon's but with some Lyme antibiotics added too) and am now hopeful that I might get better for the first time in a long time. I am very grateful to the many users on this site who have helped point me in the right direction.