Cpn and Alzheimer's

I don't know if we have this article on the site.

i believe this is what happened to my Dad. He had all the hallmarks of a life long Cpn infection and after a bad head injury, he went downhill.



I don't think we have any testimonials, but on the other hand I don't think we've had anyone who tried.  It's pretty hard to put a parent on this treatment without them buying in to it, and getting them to buy in isn't easy when they have Alzheimer's.

I would think, unless you have medical power of attorney and also have an exceptional physician, getting someone with Alzheimer's on this protocol would be nearly impossible.  Now, if someone would fund a STUDY, we might expect to see some interesting results.  

A couple of years ago, someone posted here about cpn being found in most Alzheimer's brains (post-mortem) and we discussed the likelihood we've successfully inoculated ourselves against Alzheimer's by doing this protocol.  One can hope...

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