Cpn activity, fasting, inflammation & REM sleep

A couple of years ago, I measured my sleep with a special device over a long period of time. And I discovered that my REM sleep was significantly altered compared to the average amount measured commonly in men of my age.

I conducted many experiments, and in particular I discovered that my REM sleep would come back to normal after fasting for 3 days, and would be altered when I would start eating again (I did 7 days fast 2 times and observed the same result).

And I have read that an impairement of REM sleep can be caused by chronic inflammation in the body.

One explanation I could come up with: Cpn releases toxins altering my REM sleep, but when I fast, there is not enough energy produced by my body for the bacteria to remain active, their toxic activity is reduced, and in consequence REM sleep increases.

Does it make sense? In particular, would you have any insights on the fact that Cpn might reduce its activity when we stop eating? Indeed, I haven't read anything about that, I am just speculating here.

So then a question would be would a Ketogenic (sugar free, carbo free) higher fat diet be helpful in CPN chronic persisstent condition?    Maybe I am totally off base here!

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I don't know about fasting but I'm one year in CAP and I can say that my sleep quality has GREATLY improved, I used to wake up tired/unrefreshed and occationally with nause.

Diplopia, nystagmus, right facial weaknes, feeling VERY sick and fainting, chronic cough for more than 10 years, heart palpitations, skiped beats, heart area discomfort and pain, weak hands grip, minor pains in body parts, nausea, insomnia and many