Copper Deficient!! What????!!!

Ok, so I recently had a "RBC, Copper" blood test done and my copper was low, below normal, out of range. This has both me and my doc completely baffled. I have been taking multi vitamins with copper and a separate multi minerals with copper regularly for years. I also eat nuts daily, which have significant amounts of copper. I also occasionally eat liver, which has lots of copper. But, despite all that, I started taking a separate copper capsule daily because my red blood cell count is chronically low despite having decent iron, ferritin, B12, and folate levels. I had read tha copper was also vital to avoding anemia so I added the copper supplement.  (see After taking it a short time, despite seeing a slight jump in my RBC, I backed off the copper  because everywhere I turned I read articles warning of copper toxicity, saying TOO MUCH copper is a widespread problem in America, not low copper. I started to worry I might be getting too much so I backed off. For a while I quit the extra copper completely but then my RBC dropped again. Being cautious I started taking the copper pills every other day instead of every day. But I was still concerned. So I had the doc do the copper test. How it came back as below normal is beyond me. But, considering I've also been taking 5,000iu of D for a year and my D levels still hover around 40 makes me think my digestive system is out of whack and I'm just not absorbing stuff. What can I do to improve my digestive system's absorption of nutrients?

I cant advice you much, but just wanted to ask if you  take zink supplements ? I think they deplete copper in the body so you need to take about 1 mg of copper per 25 mg of zink......
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Sunni, If you haven't already, you may really want to do some reading on biofilms, yeast and leaky gut.....they could be underlying culprits.  Lord knows I put myself through hell, LOL, on this protocol now only to find out that my progress has pretty-much halted because of these issues.

A very good book is "Digestive Wellness" by Elizabeth Lipski .  Also, there are some very good links on biofilms in our bookmark section here on the site.  Aprox 80% of our immune system is in our gut. 

It's also my understanding that some of the top doc's (some are going to here on the site)  are now addressing these issues before putting their patients on ABX.... something I wish I'd known of the seriousness of it 3 years ago! Surprised

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I have just been going over this with my doctor. He is finding a lot of people who are low in copper. They sent me my hair analysis and copper is in the 50th percentile (Which I take to be normal) None the less, I have been reading a lot of stuff about copper and zinc balance and thyroid issues. There needs to be a balance as if there is too much zinc, copper gets low and vice versa.

I was taking way too much zinc I realized. I am now taking copper also. My worst deficiency though was  chromium--so I sent for some chromium picolinate.

You may be pleased to hear that chocolate has lots of copper which is why women sometimes crave it. It is usually something that people who are trying to eat a good diet avoid but dark 70% organic chocolate is good for you.

This account of hyperthyroidism and self treatment is something I read with great interest. There is some information on copper toward the bottom of the article.


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Interesting article. I'm copper deficient and hypO, not hypER, though. I find it puzzling that the same copper deficiency could cause diseases at the opposite ends of the spectrum. It's probably some complex combination of things such as, maybe if you're low in copper by high in iodine you go hyper, low in copper and low in idione you go hypo. Who knows.  I'll be watching to see if taking more copper does help my hypo in any way. As the article suggests, adding a trace mineral supplement might also be a good idea. I find it interesting that even naturopathic doctors rarely mention minerals beyond calcium for women. I've had them tell me it's important to take a multi-vitamin and calcium, but never mention other minerals. But shouldn't a multi-mineral be considered just as important?

I'm on the lookout for a new mineral supplement that doesn't have calcium and iron. I don't want to feed the biofilms. I want lots of trace minerals. Some I found I lead listed on the ingredients. At least they were honest.

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