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I am having trouble printing your handbook. The type is too small when it prints even with glasses. Can you tell me how to enlarge this before printing? Thanks, L.B.

reiters syndrome arthritus,herpes,bronchitus... beginning weldon protocol 5/29/08, Doxy 100mg daily, Azithro 250mg MWF and NAC 1000mg daily...Flagyl to follow

 Sorry, no way to do that from the web. You might try cutting and pasting the text from the print version into a word processor instead of printing it directly. You may be able to increase the font size that way. CAP for Cpn 11/04. Dx: 25yrs CFS & FMS. Protocol: 200mg Doxy, 250mg MWF Azith, Tini 1000mg/day pulses; Vit D1000 units, Iodoral 50mg, T4 & T3


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Symptoms: Very run down/malaise etc. Breathless, CFS. heavy limbs. Irritated nerve feelings. Severe pelvic discomfort. Oct 08 - all Supps + 2400mg NAC. Dec 08 - 200mg Doxy + 250mg Azith.Clarithro M.W.F.