27 Apr 2018

dr in australia


hi, I have chronic fatigue and have tested pcr possitive for mycoplasma but can get no help in australia. anyone know a doc who might be able to help?


Attention, Aussies!!

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I see one in Sydney, his books are closed but they've just employed another doctor that specialises in that type of thing and treatment with multiple antibiotics, interested??????? FANTASTIC Doctors, saved my life that's for sure.!!!!  Inbox me if you want details.........there's hope for you yet!!!

CFS + Cpn - Diagnosed CFS 2004, unwell since 2001 after a bout of EPV, diagnosed Cpn 2009, CAP for Cpn 12/2009. Doxy 200mg daily, 500mg Zithromax weekly, VitD3 1000IU, B12 Inj. Variety of supplements and antifungal treatments. Multiple food intolerance.

Hi I have a fantastic Dr on the sunshine coast.Drop me an e-mail if this will work for you.All the best.

sunshinecoast Australia.Fibromyalga suffer recently informed I have CPN started on Doxy 50ml twice a day 21.2.09 


I am interested in finding a doctor who will oversee my wife on a regime of antibiotics to treat her MS. We live near Sydney.



My wife has MS and I am interested in the Antibiotic protocol. Does anyone know of a doctor in Sydney or NSW that will oversee the treatment