5 Apr 2019

NEWBIE- advice and experiences please! Protocol starting JAN 2019


Hi all incl Sarah and David! I'm new to here. Just recently weeks ago I was diagnosed with intermittant relapsing MS. Seemingly it all started in 2006 with optic neuritis then 2011 with lower limbs tingly,/ numbness. I have been started on daily Copaxen injectitions. But with a severely disabled child Im struggling both physically and mentally. Please help with advice as to how where, who, how much etc to get started on Wheldon Way of treatment. I believe in going in for the underlying cause rather than just band aid stuff. Thank you! Kiki Bojanic


Hi Kiki,

It will!!  It will!! Hang in there and keep going forward. We are in this together. What supplements do you take? Would you like to compare notes?

Warmest hugs,

Ronni (Toliveagain)

CAP on my own since 04/20. Roxi 300/Doxy 200/Flagyl or Tini pulses every 3-4 wks/20+ supplements adjusted monthly. Battling die off & porphyria often. First improvements noted @ 8 months.