9 Jul 2018

Alternatives to CAP?


Anyone have success with alternatives to the CAP?

I have a doctor willing to prescribe but am running into problem after problem (doxy = acid reflux symptoms, minocycline as alternative = severe fatigue/lethargy) and I have to be able to work/go to school/function. Or is there an alternative to the tetracyclines? I'm sensitive to meds in general but those are causing me the most problems since they are taken twice daily.


Agaudet, maybe acid reflux = not drinking enough water with the doxycycline, or not lining your stomach before taking it. The best way I found to line my stomach was either to eat a pot of yogurt or drink a mug of hot chocolate. Also, once I became used to it, I took both doses in one go, but that might take you a while.

Doxycycline is the best antibiotic for this purpose, but a few people are using the herbal route. Somewhere on this site, is a list of how Darren did this: he couldn't get anyone to prescribe for him in Ireland. That certainly should deal with your acid reflux problem, but it will take up more time, I would have thought.

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Hi Sarah,

I did always take it with a full meal, plenty of water, and didn't lay down for 30 minutes afterwards. I'm trying to get my doc to prescribe the Doxy Mono form which is a little gentler than the Doxy Hycalate since I'm having problems with the Minocycline. I did take Doxy for an extended period of time previously a few years ago so maybe my system is sensitive to it? It's discouraging because it seems everything I try to get better makes me worse.

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agaudet, The motto around here is pretty much 'you will feel worse before you feel better'. It's unfortunate, but it's the reality of doing the protocol for many of us. I wouldn't take the abx with a full meal, but just a cracker or a cookie (and more water than I liked), just to keep from 'sicking it up'. Your acid reflux issue may disappear with treatment, over time. (When I started, I had ongoing diarrhea for ten days. I finally decided, well, if this is what it takes to get better, I'll just live with it and be miserable. On day eleven, it was gone. Now, I realize 'something' was being worked on in my digestive tract and the abx fixed it.)

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