I  have a positive Elispot test for cpn. Does anyone know if this means you have an active infection or not? It is supposed to be better than antibodies testing.  How does this compare to  psr testing(I think its called psr, the one where you look for cpn in the blood or tissue)

I guess  I am trying to ascertain whether I definately  do have an active cpn infection or not (or at least a very high probablitiy of one), before I go ahead and commit to the long haul of a cpn cap, although I have already started a cap. Here is a link that explains a bit about the elispot test at Armin Labs. I asked Dr Armin Scwarzbach the lab owner about whether it means I have an active infection and how accurate it is and he says yes and very high accuracy 95 per cent ( but then he is the owner so perhaps alittle bit of bias so just wondered what everyone on here thought).

This elispot test measures actual T cell activity against the infection in question, but what does this mean really? does this therefore mean you definately have an active cpn infection causing havoc, or does it mean, and this is a long shot, that it is an overactive immune system overreacting to cpn, ie a sort of autoimmune or allergic reaction to cpn (this theory is based on the current Rituximab research going on in the world of  ME/CFS that there is a possible overactive /autoimmune type thing going on).I have also read on here somwhere that cpn itself can causes an overactive immune system. Still it would be nice to have a test where you can actually see the cpn itself causing havoc rather than testing the immune repsonse to it.

I have  ME, with afew other active infections: Lyme postive by Elispot test (which I would expect it to be as I got bitten from tics and came up in the classic lyme rash),  plus a couple of lyme co-infections, plus EBV, HSV 1, and cocksackie viurs via antibodies testing. The cpn elispot test result I have is +16 (reference range <2)

Hope you can help.


Hi surfer - from my own experience, your positive Elispot result, along with your symptoms (given that you have an ME diagnosis) definitely sounds as though you have Cpn. The Elispot has very high sensitivity and specificity, measuring actual T cell activity to the bacteria. I've certainly not come across anything to suggest the T cell response might come about in any other way. The advantage of the Elispot is that it is not relying on the body producing antibodies - many who have been ill for a long time test negative for antibodies, because both Cpn and borrelia are known to surpress the immune system.

The problem with PCR testing is that it is relying on the bacteria being in that particular tiny sample. A bit like us trying to win the lottery, I feel!

I believe many of the so-called 'autoimmune' illnesses are more likely bacterial.

I was diagnosed with ME in 1989' but mine was Cpn, plus borrelia and a few more things, all along.

Neuro symptoms & many health problems from 1989. NAC+all supps(04/11) CAP(05/11)

Hi Boadicea,

thanks so much for your reply.

I like that you say you were diagnosed with ME  back in 89 but it turned out to be cpn and borrelia and others all along. This must mean that you have found the underlying problem and have had success treating it. Thats what I am trying to do.  I guess my big question is how are you doing now and how long have you been on treatment for infections? How much improvement have you had?

I am severe (since 04) and gotten gradually worse over past decade, despite trying a hell of a lot of  different approaches so it's always difficult to know if  you are on the right track treatment wise or  the wrong one....and  then you waste  a lot of  time when you are on the wrong track, very frustrating.

But it seems likely I have an active cpn infection and others then. I suppose another possibility would be an immune deficiency like PID (primary antibody deficiencies), CVID etc so maybe  I ought to get checked for that  too.


I trust Dr. Armin Schwarzbach, MD, PhD - he is a world expert/pioneer in testing and treatment of the relevant illnesses we discuss here. His lab is one of the best in the world and is used by doctors all over the world.



I had CFS for 20 years - it turned out to be CPN & now I am on the CAP

A friend had FM for 15 years - it turned out to be CPN, now she is on the CAP & rapidly improving!

Nail the CPN with the CAP & then go back & check how the co-infections are. The CAP will probably clear most of them up.

Now interestingly i tested NEGATIVE on Armin's elispot test BUT positive on the "standard" elisa test in Australia. i definately have the CPN.

If you want more info send me a PM. i have a rapidly growing library!

Good luck!


Sorry to add to what is a old thread.... I'm thinking of asking for a CPN Elispot test as I have MS and getting worse over the pat 10 years. I had made my mind up but the fact you tested negatively worries me a bit :/

Diagnosed RRMS 1999. No DMDs or other meds. Have done TMJ correction, Candida protocol, CCSVI venoplasty procedure.

Hi tuftyone - Just my personal opinion but, if you already have an MS diagnosis, I would be more inclined to read everything on this site and on Dr David Wheldon's website, learn everything you can and start treating. There's no test exists which can 100% prove whether or not you definitely have Cpn, so, even if you pay for testing, it might not give you the whole answer. 


Neuro symptoms & many health problems from 1989. NAC+all supps(04/11) CAP(05/11)

...and then I can go from there. If it comes back positive I'll be more confident in doing the ABX, and you never know my GP may support me

Diagnosed RRMS 1999. No DMDs or other meds. Have done TMJ correction, Candida protocol, CCSVI venoplasty procedure.