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Not been on this site recently so forgive me if this info has already been shared.

I continue to research and try to take my health forward, and an ongoing battle is sorting out my gut.  I've had this problem since age 4, when I had my first hospitalisation with CPn.  t seems I may have found my answer!  

One day wanerding around in my local Sainsbury's I saw Roquefort Cheese, made from raw sheep's milk, in an area of France from a particular breed of sheep, and ripened in caves traditionally.  I've not taken dairy for years, but I so yearned for a piece of that cheese that I gave in.  My gut has considerably improved!  I have since been wondering why, and I found this article on pub med to share with you all.


I seem to recall seeing this particular cheese mentioned on these pages a few years ago. I never actually got around to trying it. Apart from my jokes, I'm not really a cheesy person ... more of a cheeky person.

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I have been trying to pick up some of Lucky Irene's luck. I was out yesterday afternoon for a short time gathering provisions for the Killay Seafood & Fish Festival. Just before setting off back to home, I remembered that I'd been meaning to grab some Roquefort Cheese and give it a go. I popped into Marks and Spencer's and grabbed a pack. I tried some this evening; very tasty it is too. Tomorrow, I expect to cast aside my two sticks; give my power wheelchair the one finger sign and go and walk that coastal path.

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“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

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