27 Apr 2018

How about a List of Clinics and Physicians and other CPN Experts.


I have just being diagnosed with CPN. Unfortunately my physician is not aware of most of the information on this site and is instead trying to convince me that it is nothing for me to worry about. According to him, the CPN is only an indication that I once had the virus but that since I have no symptotms of the virus it must mean that I was I was completely healed from the initial infection.


Dan, Unfortunately, it would also be of great help to those who would like to discipline our doctors for 'overprescribing' antibiotics, and that's why you won't find such a list here.We have had doctors face disciplinary boards and one had their license temporarily suspended.  This treatment is not mainstream or accepted by the establishment and the media has demonized the use of antibiotics, so we face an uphill battle in this area.You did the right thing, by posting your request for doctor referrals on your other topic.  Watch your private messages for responses, since we don't 'out' our physicians on the public board.  If you see a doctor's name posted publicly, it is only done when the doctor has given their permission for it.

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Most all of the american physicians swear fealty to the demon AMA (American Medical Association). Having gone over to the dark side, these indoctrinated (usually american born) are unwilling to anger their handler by thinking for themselves. Result is we have to look to doctors not indoctrinated here in these united States of America, but born/schooled abroad and now working here. They are not corrupted by the vices inherent in your typical elitist doctor found around town. Stay away from neurologist - basically they are your 'know-it-all' who will wake in the warmer version of the afterlife to their 'reward' for their lack of diligent effort. The 'story' your doc is giving you about CPn is pure sound-byte BS - their 'excuse' not to really do anything beyond the pre-packaged big pharm 'solution' of designer drugs. Wish I could say more...

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Dan, at least you aren't living in the United Kingdom, where every doctor, wherever born or trained, has to swear fealty to the General Medical Council and also pay them a hefty sum every year for the privelige......................Sarah

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