27 Apr 2018

Any positive Responses to High Dose D?


Hello all, Im a new member to the site not yet on antibiotics but in the planning stages of making that happen in time.  I had a question about members' experience with high Vitamin D. My question:  Has anyone personally or does anyone know of any others or have references to High Vitamin D intake having a positive impact on combatting infections as a lone standing protocol without antibiotics?


Welcome McrobbieFor thirty years I slathered on sunscreen, probably depleting my Vit D over the decades to just about zero, and never gave it a thought.  I was very involved in doing my job as a violinist in a major symphony orchestra and breeding and showing dairy goats and gutting and rebuilding a one hundred year old house.  We had a farm, built four bans, had cattle, a pig, calves we raised on goat milk, grew a garden and hay.  For a while we said "If we can't grow it, we can't eat it".  In other words, living life.  Then came the crash.  My level is now checked every three months - we with these rotten, life-stealing diseases seem to soak up D like sponges - BUT supposedly you can take too much.   I keep my level in the upper 80s.  When I lower my intake, it drops very fast to the 70s.  I take 15,000 units of D3 a day, but only the Vit A that is in my multi-vitamin and the many vegetables I eat daily.  Be careful with the A - the body stores it.  Maybe read some more - I certainly don't know.Rica

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Thanks Rica for the thoughts.  Life stealing diseases- How sad to say that I like the phrase.  It fits certainly. My philosphy on Vitamin A is based on the writings of Chris Masterjohn and others who are making a good argument that Vit A D and K work synergistically with one another and there is ample evidence to suggest that high doses of the one can mitigate any toxic effects of the others.  Research cant say 'exactly' what the ratios between one and the other (s) should be but evidence suggests that a D to A ratio of 1 to 5 might be optimal.  At 10000 IUs of D that would suggest 50,000 IUS of A. etc.   So the argument goes, if you go high on one make sure you up your intake of the others via food or supplemantation.   You can google Chris MasterJohn in relation to D A K or find all his articles on the Weston Price website if youre interested. It sounds like youve lived quite a noble and inspired life!  Lets hope you can get back to it to its fullest expression!

Holy Canole! High dose D has saved me so many times! I work with so many sick kids every day.When I feel a scratchy throat coming on, I will take 50,000 IU a day for 3-5 days and it never takes hold. I am also adding in Echanachia, high dose C, sauna and whatever else I can throw at it like some of the potions my naturopath makes up. (like Larrea, Licorice and Horesradish extracts)But I believe the D is the one that is my strongest defense. I also take Rosemary to stimulate the vitamin D receptors.Raven

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Dr. Cannell from the Vitamin D Council seems to think that high dose A will block vitamin D receptors. I have tried high dose A but didn't think it had a good effect so now I am like Rica and get my A from a good diet and slam down the high dose D when a virus or other bug threatens.I also have a VDR-FOK mutation. Probably need a lot more than someone who doesnt.Raven

Feeling 98% well-going for 100. Very low test for Cpn. CAP since 8-05 for Cpn/Mycoplasma P.,Lyme, Bartonella, Mold exposure,NAC,BHRT, MethyB12 FIR Sauna. 1-18-11 begin new treatment plan with naturopath

On the subject of Vitamin A, Chris Masterjohn has said that he has managed to convince Dr. Cannell to stop badmouthing it and at least consider the possibility that the two vitamins are synergistic.  He's not disagreeing with Cannell's idea that a lot of vitamin A can make a vitamin D deficiency worse, but he thinks that if you have plenty of D, vitamin A helps.  (Including with fighting off colds; there is a study where vitamin D alone didn't work, but the combination did.)

I take note of the Wheldon guidelines on vitamin D.  Long before ever hearing of this protocol I began taking what I considered to be "High dose" vitamin D at 5000 IUs / day.  I had doubts, so have have blood tests.  I have had readings of 139 and laterly of 142.  I had those tests just in case I was going to toxic levels.  My vit D levels are at the upper reaches of where I need to be.  You are cramming many times the vitamin D levels that I am taking and way beyond what is recommended in the advice given in this protocol.  I am aware that different people absorb and matabolise vitamin D differently.  You metion "Die-back"; please may I suggest a blood test for vitamin D levels to check whether your unwell feelings are due your so-called die-back and not, in fact, vitamin D toxicity!

“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

To give an example of Chris Masterjohns position on Vitamin A and D ratios.  Hes essentially saying this:  If someone happens to have a very high intake of Vitamin A (say by eating liver a few times a week) and they have a low sub optimal intake of Vitamin D (because they get little sun and eat few vitamin D containing foods and/or do not supplement) then the high Vitamin A intake could be toxic to the Body.  But NOT if your Vitamin D intake is equally 'optimal".  The reverse, Chris Argues would also be true, that being..........if one had a very high Vitamin D intake and their Vitamin A intake was low/marginal then they would put themselves at risk for Vitamin D toxicity.  This is Chris Masterjohns argument backed by research though not a prodigious amount of research at this juncture.  Vitamin K it is argued by MasterJohn and others also plays a synergistic role with A and D and so the argument goes, make sure if youre taking in high (and by 'high' I mean levels promoting optimal health) amounts of A & D make sure your K2 intake is also increased (optimally!). 

Right ...  I think I understand what you're saying.  I think it'd be more usefull if you quantified ammounts, instaed of using the more loose terms of "Optiminal".Anyway, do you think my one or two gells a day of seabuckthorn oil satisfies the vit k requirement?G

“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Well this is where it gets more than tricky.  The jury is still obviously out on both what the 'optimal' intakes of Vitamin D, A, and K are and what the proper ratios should be between them.  Im no expert and can only refer you to Chris MasterJohn who has done alot of work on these questions.  I think he would say that there is substantial evidence that A and D can protect the other from causing toxicity but there is less certainty as to what the optimal ratios should be between them and what the 'optimal' intake should be.  I know Paul Jaminet, A member here, also talks about optimal ADK amounts and the proper ratios in his book "The Perfect Health Diet". Here are links to three of Chris MasterJohn's articles on A and D.  There are a few others on the Weston Price site. http://www.westonaprice.org/fat-soluble-activators/seafood-to-sunshine#ad http://www.westonaprice.org/cod-liver-oil/update-on-vitamins-a-and-d http://www.westonaprice.org/blogs/cmasterjohn/2013/04/03/thyroid-hormone-and-vitamin-a-protect-against-vitamin-d-toxicity-in-cows/

The reason that "optimal" is difficult to specify is that it doesn't matter all that much, so long as you get plenty of each.  Human biology was designed to be managed by illiterate savages; the inputs don't have to be precise.

Well said Norman, I agree.  I would only add that our savage ancestors werent all that savage much of the time and though they couldnt read and write, they more often lived by the light of intelligence than us 'modern' folk.