27 Apr 2018

Great New Doctor in Brisbane


Whoopee!  We have now got not just one but two fabulous chronic illness doctors in Brisbane.  Both doctors are well informed, well educated, have heaps of clinical experience, know all about chronic infections (including Cpn) and other factors contributing to chronic ill health and have guts and compassion in bucketloads.  One is on the Sunshine Coast, the other is in NSW but is travelling to Queensland to run mobile clinics at the Gold Coast (Friday 31 May 2013) and Brisbane (Saturday 1 June 2013).  Follow-up appointments will not involve people having to travel to NSW.


Just bumping this up so it will be seen.

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FM & chronic myofascial pain 2000; Cpn; EBV; lead poisoning; CAP since Jan 2009; Flagyl pulses & Azi M/W/F from Mar 2009; now also Cymbalta; Rivotril; Low Dose Naltrexone; Doxy.  Pain-free and heading upwards again.