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I was struggling for a while and had to keep upping the abx dose every couple of months to get the same effect as before, and not deteriorate. I read about some of Pauls tips and started eating high fat low carb, and i felt there was a difference. Also started doing ketogenic fast in the morning. I have a lot less symptoms now than before and i feel like the abx hits harder, especially true during my morning fast. I think high fat low carb is a good idea for the people with this bacteria especially those who struggle with abx resistance.

Not only is Paul's book fantastic but he has some great stuff on MS at his blog here  Paul's book has influenced me a lot in my eating habits, too.  Glad to hear you are making progress.


FM & chronic myofascial pain 2000; Cpn; EBV; lead poisoning; CAP since Jan 2009; Flagyl pulses & Azi M/W/F from Mar 2009; now also Cymbalta; Rivotril; Low Dose Naltrexone; Doxy.  Pain-free and heading upwards again.

Hi Jesper, thanks much for the recommendation!

I found late in my personal recovery -- perhaps luckily so, since if I'd discovered antibiotics could treat my problem I wouldn't have invested so much time in figuring out how to optimize diet. When I finally did start antibiotics based on information I found here, I had a remarkably smooth and rapid recovery with relatively few die-off effects. 

When I read of people who have severe die-off effects (indicating pathogens are dying in droves), but make no progress against the disease after several years, I have to suspect that an inappropriate diet is promoting the disease. If bacteria are able to multiply as fast as they are killed, then recovery is impossible, no matter how many antibiotics are taken. 

Since some bacterial species can double their numbers every 20 minutes in a favorable environment, which translates to well over a trillion-times-a-trillion-fold growth per day, this is a real danger.

I think diet and antibiotics complement each other in these diseases, and I hope many people can be helped by our work. I am convinced that these chronic diseases are almost always curable. God bless the people of for giving guidance, hope, and sound advice to chronic disease sufferers.

Best, Paul

Blogger at 17-year chronic illness cured with diet and antibiotics, nearly fully recovered.

Thank you  Paul for the recommendation--I have read with interest many of your posts. 

I have been modifying my diet trying to find out what works.  The Terry Wahls diet has been miraculous--I have my life back.  Nice. 

However, on the weekends, I still indulge in a fair amount of carbs etc..  and in spite of my high vegetable intake I have gained a few pounds.  So, that is disappointing!   And I do have periods of time where I get really hungry--end of the day etc..    

So, yesterday my husband and I started a "gluten free dairy free high protein high fat 9 servings of vegetables per day" diet.  

So,  my first 2 days have been really pretty cool.  I still do the 9 servings of vegetables--all super low carbs etc. --minimizing carbs in a big way and increasing healthy fats.  Energy level is great and hunger at a minimum.  Blood sugar is steady.  It's great.

 I have not done a carb count but am confident it is below 50.   

Thanks for looking at diet--always of interest to me since our intensive food interest--since the recovery of our son from autism--has reaped such a huge harvest.




I have never read that diet but i have always eaten low carb kinda diet and healthy fats and when I started this protocal I kept it up but actually cut the protein down as I heard it wasn't goof for you, something to do with porphoria, but i definitly felt much healthier eating this way so i think i will read this book and see how I can improve on my own diet.


Diagnosed with progressive MS at 18, was told would be in wheel chair with in 1 year, looked after myself and don't have too many attacks now, I am just tired all the time, started CAP on 1st Sep 2012.