27 Apr 2018

Activated charcoal question


Yesterday, I took my first big dose of activated charcoal (12 caps. 6 was the most prior, I think). Now I have a bit of an odd question....does it result in odd-looking stools? I am assuming so, and the black nastiness I happened to see in the toilet this morning was a direct result. Even though I am assuming that, it was a bit of a shock.



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As long as it's due to taking charcoal, I think you have nothing to worry about.  It's only when odd things start appearing with not explanation, or if it start's doing things like playing music or singing that you have to start worrying! ;-)  Let's  hope that never happens!

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That's funny John,  don't we become strange creatures on this protocol... monitoring "things" we never would have even thought of before Surprised.JeanneRoz  

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