27 Apr 2018

When and how to take Cholestyramine?


I have been treating Chronic Lyme for 3 years with abx. I have the HLA 4-3-53 genotype which makes eliminating toxins very difficult.


Anne- This looks like a good schedule. You only need to stimulate bile release, hence some food with it. Turns out that either fat or protein will trigger bile, so even some low fat yogurt will do the trick. The only thing is four doses seems to me like a lot of cholestyramine. Prescriptions usually are for 2-3 times a day. Besides the constipating nature of it, it may also be blocking absorbtion of some useful things, so you might start at three doses a day and see how that goes.

I am in the process of reading more about taking cholestryamine as I just received my order today. Therefore, I am digging up old posts on the subject. I don't understand something in this thread. My pamphlet says "due to intestinal absorption properties, no drugs should be given orally for one hour before and 4 hours after ingestion of cholestryamine."  It is obvious when I look at Anne's schedule she is taking antibiotic or supplements before 4 hours in two instances on her chart. I would think that would not be advantageous to getting the best effect from them. Is this right? MM

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You will find a lot of helpful discussion on this older thead regarding Cholestyramine;


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Just wanted to share that my daughter also finds cholestyramine very helpful for reducing porphyria.  She takes two scoops in liquid (usually Sunny Delight -- an orange flavored beverage) about an hour after lunch and her noon time medications and supplements.  She then waits the four hours before taking any more medications or supplements.  It was recommended to me that if the container says to wait four hours then you should wait -- you don't want any of the meds. or supps. that you take within the four hours not to be fully absorbed.

A few weeks ago we started using two scoops instead of one and I think it has been very helpful.  She only takes chlolestyramine once a day because of the four hours you have to wait after taking it.   She also finds that the cholestryamine gives her a burst of energy and therefore does not want to take it in the evening when it can and has seemed to interfere with her sleep.  She usually takes charcoal (12 capsules) around 8:00 pm (two hours after her evening meds. and supps) instead.   I think getting an evening dose of something anti-porphyric is helpful.  My daughter missed the evening charcoal for several days last week when she had the stomach flu and the mornings were harder that usual because porphyrins were not removed overnight -- at least that is my theory!We were able to get started on the cholestyramine after a day or so after the virus but she could not tolerate the charcoal for a few days.  



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