27 Apr 2018

Please help


I'm trying to find info on fungal sinus problemsi.  I was on antibiotics for 17 years for chronic sinus infectionsi and thelast few years it has been fungal sinusitis which I had to treat with ampho b nasal wash for 2 years.  Now that I am on the abxi the yeast has come back with a vengance.  The fungal sinus infection has also started to come back so I may have to stop the abxi.  I've dealt with the fungal problems for years but I just can't go back to the constan


Another question - I am presently on nac 1200mg 2 x a day.  Would increasing it be a problem?  Before I started abx the nac was thinning the mucous very well but now that I'm on the abx it's not thinning it because the fungus is back.  Yes, I know it is fungus cause I've dealt with it for the last few years.  How much nac can I take?  Take more until it thins it out again?  Don't know what would be a safe dose.  Thanks for all the help.  Sorry I ask too many questions but 17 years of many, many docs and they didn't know as much as some people on this site. I search and search the web for answers.  I just don't know what to do.  I am so tired of living like this.  Sorry, I'm having another really bad day.  I think I'm at the end of my rope now.  We are going to Ohio next week to see my grandkids.  I haven't seen them in a year.  I don't feel like going at all but I am going to make myself.  I miss them.   I don't have a life anymore.  I wish I could get one.

FMS/CFS 1995. tinnitus, ibs, sinusitis, EBV, NAC 2400mg, valtrex, cortef, armour, doxy, biaxin, tini, vita c 5 - 10,000 daily