27 Apr 2018

Cool new site feature


Okay - I am going to feel really dumb if I never noticed this before but the new site upgrade has added a new feature I think many here will like.If you scroll down to the bottom of a thread there are new comments viewing options to choose for how you like to view your posts.  You can have the latest comments to a thread appear at the top of the page rather than at the end AND you can have the thread post more than 30 comments per page (up to 300)- ie  - no more toggling to page 2 and 3 of a thread to read.That alone makes the growing pains worth it! 


Been there all along, Daisy, but you can be forgiven considering you've had one or two other things on your plate for the last little while. (I'm having fun exploring the upgraded site, too.)

Actually, it's the one feature that's allowed me to read virtually every post on the site since day one. I have the most recent on the top and just scroll down to where there's no red 'new' notation in the corner and read 'upward'.

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figures it's been here - rats... when I think of the wasted time... oh well... wonder what other cool things are here that I don't know about

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Don't worry Daisy, I didn't notice it before either.  But I am glad you mentioned it because just yesterday I was grumbling about having to hunt down the most recent posts in those lengthy popular threads--like your blogs, for example.  ;)

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Daisy, don't worry - I never noticed it until the site upgrade either. Still can't believe its been there all along. Why didn't anyone point it out??!! (e.g. when people were complaining about post links to page 2,3 of a thread not working).

Anyway I'm sure people will notice it now that you have mentioned it. 


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