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Can some please give me the web sites for the best test to try for a positive test for chlamydia? I would like to take it to my doctor to see if she would do the protocol.  Thank you chipper

Chipper I see you location on your user information page.  Quest Labs is the lab that was used to test me originally.     Problem with testing for CPn is that there are many false negatives which will not get you the treatment that you want  based on the test results unfortunately, it may get your resitance of your provider in trying it.  

Might be best to find a Lyme MD in your state and I think there may be some as we have folks on this list from that state.   If you can get in to see one then you will have the job of selling this particular protocol to him but some have been successful.   And you could have Lyme as well or any of those co-infections too really.   But these CAP are less agressive and tolerated better for a longer application, less starting and stopping to let your body heal from the results,  just steady progress in a more managable way for the body to handle in my experience and I had challenges with the toxicity of the abx on my body, not the most common side effect but not odd either.

I did test positive for chronic CPn and that is how I found this website but I was loaded with the CPn and it was continuing to spill out into my circulatory system in huge amounts and my immune system was still acknowledging its presence,   this can fall off for a lot of people giving them a false positive.

So just some thought to consider when approaching your doctor.  A lot depends on your relationship with her and her openness to newer treatments that are still a bit controversial in the general medical community.

If she has been treating you for a long time and trusts you and knows how much has not worked for you, she may agree to trial this.   I would not try to pin the treatment to lab results though.

From you signature you seem to be doing a lot of the adjuncts and supplements that can well be helpful so maybe you have read the treatment protocol completely and know what your are getting into.  This is not a easy path for many with CFS so continue to read the stories of success and challenges.

Best of luck, getting the treatment that may give you much of your health back.      I sure have much of mine back.     Louise

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Chipper, Be sure to ask for a test for chlamydia pneumoniae, else an unknowing doctor will presume you want to be tested for the sexually transmitted disease, chlamydia trachomatis.

When I was first tested, in 2005, the doctor (who I no longer use) had no clue where to find the code for testing for cpn and she insisted I 'really' meant trachomatis. I wrote it down and spelled it clearly for her, she called the lab and they gave her the code.

People are simply not aware this bug exists, so you'll have to be diligent and gently insistent about what you need.

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   Symptoms and then the "NAC test" are likely your first good choices.  PCR tests are very accurate for a positive but are not very good at finding the bug and the strain that goes with it to test so I would not base any judgment on a negative with that.

   The Cpn antibody panel (IgG, IgA, IgM) is fairly good and can "hint" to the presence of an infection or at least more accurately that you have been exposed to Cpn.  I have used the Cpn panel many times for two years or so with good results.  Below are two links, one for the Cpn antibody panel from Quest Labs and another from a German lab with an article interpreting the Cpn antibody results graphically that may be helpful.  I am sure Lab Corp has a test as well I just do not know much about it, maybe someone can comment.  EBV and HHV-6 often show anomalies as well with a Cpn infection and that might be of benefit too when tested. 

   Quest Labs sends blood to the nearest lab that processes that particular test even if out of state.  I have had many of my tests sent to other states and there were no additional charges, I am sure they do this daily considering their size.  Vitamin D blood levels are helpful to hint where you are at and maybe an idea how much to supplement.  Keep a copy of your blood test results as they can be helpful for reference later on.

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Chlamydia panel:

Vitamin D Panel:


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