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I have had auto immune Alopecia Universalis for 10 years, I was wondering has anyone else used Dr Wheldons tretment protocol to try to put their alopecia into remission?  I currently have switched my diet to a gluten free diet and cut out dairy too.  I supplement with 8000IU Vit D, 3000mg Vit C a multi vit and probiotics daily.  I suffer stomach problems when eat certain foods.  I can quite often get sick with chest infections which can be stubborn to leave. I would like to try the treatment protocol and record any results i may find however my doctor does not want to play ball in prescribing me the antibiotics over a lengthy period and so was looking for advice on where to get the tablets perhaps over the internet/  Is it safe to do so this way? Thanks in advance Jayne

Jayne, hello again!  I don’t know how much you have looked into the site yet, but there is someone who was initially posting for her daughter with MS who then took the treatment herself for various complaints, mainly intestinal I think, who ten much to her surprise discovered her alopecia areata getting better, so I think that it must be worth a try.  I have seen more recent photographs of her and she still has a whole head of hair:

Doctors are very wary of things they don’t understand: my GP was even after I started getting better and she was surprised that I turned up at the surgery by walking there.  She has never referred any other patients to David despite admitting that there were several people with MS on the surgery’s books and she was forever asking me if I still needed the most expensive antibiotic.  In the end I tired of this and ordered it myself from here.  They are extraordinarily good, and send stuff very promptly from Thailand.  The most expensive of my abx was roxithromycin, which I took in preference to azithromycin which gave me a headache.  It is now available from them not as an on patent drug as rothricin.  It works as well as the brand name stuff and is much cheaper.

Write to me if you want some advice as to which to buy but if you give me your email I have a few papers which you might like to read. I’ll send you my email by private message.

It did occur to me that if you see that there is some regrowth of hair, your doctor might even think it worth prescribing for you: stranger things have happened! ..................Sarah

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Hi, Jayne - I swear, I thought I'd posted a response to you before, so I'm either going flaky, or it got lost in the ethers.  My apology.

As you know, the discovery of CPn is fairly recent, in the grand scheme of medicine.  Associations are mostly anecdotal, rather than documented, as of now.  It does make sense to me that many, many so-called 'autoimmune' diseases are going to be found to be initiated by the presence of CPn.

As for hair, I can tell you I had an interesting experience once I'd been on the abx protocol for about three months.  I started to lose hair IN DROVES.  It was pretty scary, as I've used a curtain of longish hair to hide behind most of my life.  Hair on my friends.  Hair on the floor.  Hair clogging the shower drain.  Hair on my kitchen counters. 

This went on for about six weeks, I think, before it slacked off and something new happened.  When I ran my fingers through my hair, I began feeling an abundance of new hair growing in, all of it the same half-inch length.  As this new hair grew in, I found it was growing fast and strong (it's very hard to 'break' my hair now, much as it was when I was a child).  I estimate I lost a quarter to a third of my hair in a very short period of time.  This never happened before, or since.  When posting about it here, I got a number of responses from others who'd experienced something similar and we concluded hair follicles must be very susceptible to CPn infection, but the abx also address the infection pretty quickly once you start the treatment. 

I suppose the longer follicles have been infected and inactive, it might be harder to recover total hair growth, but I believe it's definitely worth pursuing for a year and then re-evaluating the situation.

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Hi Jayne, and welcome

Many of us here lost lots of hair when we began abx.  I,  also, am one of those, and I was dismayed because I have thin, fine hair to begin with.  Unlike Mac, I never had a curtain of hair! 

This is such a sinister bug that I would not be surprised if it attacked mainly your hair.  This protocol has helped so many of us and I don't know yet of anyone who has not benefitted in some way.  Unless you have a better remedy, this is certainly worth trying.  I would do it for at least a year, including the supplements.  My own doctor said recently that he now believes ALL "auto-immune" diseases are infectious.  That is a very large step.


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