Vitamin D

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a vitamin found in cod-liver oil, milk, and egg yolk, that is necessary for the growth and health of bones and teeth. Vitamin D prevents rickets. It exists in several related forms, including D-2 (calciferol), D-3, and D-4. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, produced by irradiating ergosterol and other sterols.

CAP & Adjunct Treatment update March 11, 2009

Treatment Overview on March 11, 2009;

Diagnostic Evaluation May 24, 2007. Chronic Fatigue Sydrome - Progressive onset - 20 to 30 years to overwhelming fatigue, Fibromyalgiai, Mild Form.  C.Pn. positive by Lab test result > 1:512,  Bb positive by Lab test Western Blot after doxycycline taken for 3 -4 weeks for CPni, Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) was revealed as positve on Western Blot late July 2007.

Started CAProtocol 6-21-07 with Doxycycline, N-A-C and all supplementsi<,  CAP Progressed on 10-31-07 Macrolide-added, progressed 11-22-07 Tinidazole-added and also Cholestyramine HS PRN x 7d starting day 3 - 4 of pulse and continuing for +/- 7 days.

Vitamin D Newsletter March 6,2009

New info from the The Vitamin D Council  Newsletter<
sent to me by;
John Cannell, MD
The Vitamin D Council
9100 San Gregorio Road
Atascadero, CA 93422
The Vitamin D Newsletter
March 6, 2009

Vitamin-D synthesis, production in the skin discussion

Lifting Vit D production question that I asked which was imbedded in another thread for ease of reference.  Original content added in first comment here in this forum topic for reference.  Louise

Vitamin D Prevents Colds...

Now, how is Vitamin D bad for the immunei system again?

Red's Vitamin D book

Red has organized his on-going look at the wide ranging impact of Vitamin Di into book form for us. His posts had grown so numerous on the subject that I didn't want them scattered and lost in the huge inventory of posts Cpnhelp has become! We will have it instantly available in a top menu link (when I get to connecting it).

Since book pages are organized so as to exclude comments (unless they have been attached from prior forums with pre-existing comments) you can note your comments here.

More Vit.D if not seen yet

Just found this article on vitamin D, if it hasn't been seen yet. They knew this stuff ages ago didn't they?<

"Last one theres a cissy"

Vitamin D is mental health aid

Vitamin D 'is mental health aid'<


Happy 1st AZITHROVERSARY to me!

Ever go to the doctor and feeling like total crap? Frown I mean, you want to feel good when you go to the doctor, right?  You gotta feel real good if you can get teleported from Northern Virginia to Nashville, Tennessee in the passenger seat of the starship minivan and not remember anything, including driving further south to see a blizzard!  Apparently I had the “We’re going to miss both NFL championship games flu”. 

How to understand the Vitamin D parameters

I am trying to make sense of my Vitamin D levels.

I see the recommended levels given in ng/ml, but my result was nm/l

How to I convert one to the there a formula?


Institute of Medicine announces new vitamin D board

The Vitamin D Newsletter

January 20, 2009

Vit D articles

Vit D for a Canadian from Rica

Came to a Fork in the Road - and Took it

Four years and four months is the time I have spent on the road from There to Here. I like Here lots better.

My thoughts for this - to me - momentous blog have vacillated between listing the myriad symptoms that have gone and just making my little announcement.  I decided on the latter: I am in my fourth day of no antibioticsi.  In a couple of months I will begin intermittent therapy.  At the moment I feel really good, both about the decision and physically.

For those beginning, I applaud you and say: get your Vit D levels up.  For those in the middle, I say grit your teeth and get your Vit D levels WAY up.  We don't know how much we get till we're done.  For those at the end, I say keep your Vit D levels up and thanks for the good company. 


Scientific American article on Vitamin D

A pdf article, repleat with color diagrams and pictures of it's metabolism pathway in the liver and how it is used on the cellular level, on Vitamin D and its many functions by a major researcher. It's a very easily understandable article for anyone, and has some interesting details for the Vitamin D aficionado.<


More Doctors Prescribing Vitamin D

It looks like more doctors are prescribing higher doses of vitamin D. This is good news and hopefully will spread.<



Interesting Article on Study: Vit D3, Parathyroid Levels and Risk of Falls

Here's an interesting article on a recent study.  I've read quite a bit about the potential link between low levels of Vit D3 and the risk of falls, particularly in the elderly, but I've never really read an explanation why this might occur.    

The last paragraph in the clinical context section of this article attempts to explain the link as follows:

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