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N-Acetyl-Cysteine.Amino acid used as thiol reducer to burst EB phase of Cpn, and supports liver as glutathione precursor.

Few things are perfect - my physical was close

It appears that living right can do good things.   And the young coyote is alive and well - she was not euthanized, but instead released, due to a catch-and-release program!

Today was my annual physical, and I passed with high flying colors.  Such adjectives as: phenomenal, amazing, beautiful, and several others were used.  I was told again that my doctor has fully realized that there is a Vit D deficiency across the county - he used the word "epidemic" - where have I heard that before?  Incidentally, mine is again down to 65, so I will increase my intake again from 8,000 to 10,000 for a while.  My level seems to go up or down as my diligence - unwitting or not - ebbs and flows.   

NAC and Health Risks?

Hello all!  I have not yet started the CAPi and am still trying to find a doctor in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada who will work with me to try the CAP empirically for Cpni (does anybody have any suggestions?).


In the meantime, I haven't even started NAC yet until I find a health care provider to support my journey.  But I have read some worrisome posts recently about NAC and negative impact on the heart or other negative effects.


Can anyone provide me with more information before I get started so I can make a decision about the NAC as a fundamental part of the protocol?  Are people switching to Amoxicillan and is there some evidence that they are not in fact interchangeable after all?  (Read some post about that...)


Supplement reaction?

I decided to try a limited set of the supplementsi: vit E, vit C (+ a couple of oranges, and juice at breakfast), vit D3, ALA, Milk thistle, and melatonin. I decided to leave B12 and NACi out for now. The reason I leave NAC out is that I want to supplement the others in order to counter any deficiencies there to increase the chance that any reaction is a NAC-flu from action on Clamydia EBs (is it a good idea or unnecessary, well see below, too).

The persistent tortoise

This is a very short blog about a tortoise in the slow lane. For many years (how does this happen? - we shouldn't blink!) I had a solitary discussion about arthritis:

(1) I was getting very old very fast. (I was 55) and everything hurt.

(2) My hips are in agony.

(3) My fingers and shoulders hurt all the time.

(4) My neck is so stiff that I can't turn my head.   It hurts even when I don't try to turn it.

Most of my joint pain went away while I was "sleeping" that first couple of years. Then my hips were incredibly painful during walking - then it went away. My finger joints were worked on one at a time and have slowly stopped hurting, though still have  some residual swelling, probably permanent, which I accept.

Question about NAC - beware of air oxidized supplements

I recently came across this article. I think it is warning about the strength of NAC becoming lessened by air oxidizing it. I really do not understand such things so please don't think I am bringing this here to say it is another problem for us to address. But having said that, it got my attention and I do want to find out now if perhaps there is some validness to this issue. Where better to ask than here where there are many brilliant minds to help me discover more truth. You have not steered me wrong yet. My gratitude!

In the meanwhile, I am considering ordering this particular brand of NAC to find out for myself if in fact it feels more effective for me. I will of course eventually get back to you with my findings.

Books and a Movie

Many times I read for the great pleasure gained and to satisfy my curiousity, but I discovered Greg Mortenson, Three cups of Tea, and now Stones into Schools. Along with wishing the Nobel Prize for Medicine for our cpni crew, I wish the Nobel Peace Prize for Greg Mortenson. And I am hardly ever much affected by movies, but last night we saw "Seven Pounds", with Will Smith, and will probably be affected for the rest of my life.

As for my own cpn protocol against PPMSi, I still chip away daily with my five abxi plus caffeine. We all tweak and listen and tweak some more, but I seem to have stumbled on a tight turn of the screw, thanks to John (farandwide) and Paul.

Whatever is Required

We spoke to Dr S just now.  He was approving of my going back on flagyli, and, because of nausea, cutting back on caffeine. 

A couple of interesting and heartening bits came of the conversation.  One is that I will continue with this protocol for another three months and call him again, sooner if there is news either way - worse or better - because I still react.  But... my daily reaction is nowhere near five years and four months ago.  For example, today is Azithromycin day - and Doxyi, Rifampin. Amoxycillin, flagyl, and caffeine. 

A Handle Resubmitted

On rereading last week's blog, I am amazed at what I wrote about flagyli and not taking it. Sometimes I guess I am not as "with-it" as I believe.

In May, Richard spoke to Dr. S., who put me on the usual: Doxyi, 200mg; Azithromycin, 250MWF; Rifampin, 600mg; flagyl, 1000: (these I had been on till I stopped everything on Jan 11, 2009); and then ADDED Amoxicillini 1000. I did this without fail for six months and then we called him again. But I was STILL reacting! Aaarrrgg!! He then left all abxi the same, with the exception of flagyl, which he replaced with caffeine pills.

Started Suppliments & NAC did I get a +ve response

Ok My first Blog post so here goes.

I went & ordered some of the recommended supplementsi (at least the ones that were reasonably priced here in the UK) & started taking them a couple of weeks ago along with the NAC in preperation for starting Antibioticsi.

Not so many miles to go

My six months of constant flagyli are over and I have survived it. Not only have I survived it, I have greatly benefitted from it. 

NAC vs. Amoxicillin, is there something to determine?

Okay, it has been suggested by someone that NAC may in fact not be doing what it supposed to be doing, namely, replacing amoxicillini in the CAPi.  The role for both is to eradicate the EBi stage of Cpni, which is intra-cellular, floating around in the blood, plasma, and other fluids in the body, seeking to find a cell to infect and become an RB.  Both NAC and Amoxicillin come along and interrupt the di-sulphide bonds that hold an EB closed when floating around.  When it opens, it begins to need food and starves.  That how we kill an EB.

Where to find a doctor, which and where to get test for Chlamydia??

I'm still wondering where I would get this test done.  I had chlamydia in 1990, I think it is still lerking around in my body.  Like everyone says when you get nervous the symptoms get worse, in my case it is in my lungs.  I live in Wisconsin and wondering if anyone knows of a doctor there to treat this?  If I don't find one that can treat it will it get worse as time goes on?

  Thanks for your concern and I pray for recovery of many on this site.  God Bless

When to take NAC

Can you take NAC the same time you take the ABXi or shouls you take it a couple hours later. NAC is a cleaner of toxins so I dont know if I should take it later or if it doesnt matter.

Vertigo and Vergeance

One of us asked me what I could do now that I am a "1" instead of a "2", or as I used to be, a "6.7". The answer would be so long that it would fill a good-sized book. Let me start with the fact that I can swat the pesky fly (just did) that has been flitting around (and no longer is). I could follow that with some of the everyday other pesky things like sinusitis, inflamed gums, varied skin problems, dry skin, mental fog, and, most monumental of all, my walking. Not only those, but I can take a deep breath without coughing. Most "normal" people take that for granted, but I was not able to do that for years and years. And I had a "catch in my chest" which prevented me from breathing much at all when it was happening.

NAC Alone in a War of Attrition

I remember reading somewhere on one of the boards on this site a question posed by a memeber who asked if just taking the NAC without the antibiotics could do the job.  The member's thinking was that if we burst the EB'si before they infect another cell we will win a war of attrition against CPni.  As our body's cells naturally die, they expell the CPn into the bloodstream, whereupon the NAC kills them.  The counterargument is that some cells live a very long time, or last our entire lives, i.e. nerves cells, cardiac muscle cells, etc.  For this reason, we must use the abxi in order to kill the CPn hiding out in these cells.

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