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N-Acetyl-Cysteine.Amino acid used as thiol reducer to burst EB phase of Cpn, and supports liver as glutathione precursor.

NAC "Test"

What signs of chronic or new Cpn infection are indicated by the results of a dose of NAC?  (maybe MORE than one dose)??

This one is for the ladies..

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

I wanted to ask your experiences. It's been 2 capsules of NAC and I am already feeling it..

Candida!? Does NAC precipitate it by any chance? It's not something I've often suffered from, but it seems that NAC is giving this nasty a chance to invade my body.. 

 I read that NAC helps with it, but it's popped up out of nowhere. Now, do you think it's like CAP treatment - worse before better?


**If males read this post - I do not make any apologies as the title says it all :P ** 

Does NAC transport methylmercury to the brain?

I am confused and uncertain what to believe. I found two studies:


N-acetylcysteine as an antidote in methylmercury poisoning.<


Methylmercury transport across the blood-brain barrieri by an amino acid carrier. 

From Here to There

Yesterday I had my several-times-a-year checkup. My doctor is ecstatic over my progress. He has been pleased almost since the beginning, but is now even more delighted.  

Here an inch, there an inch, after while a mile

It is a very long time since I wrote a blog, so please forgive me if it is a ramble. As MacKintosh says, many of us have moved back into real life. I certainly have. But there is so much need here on this incredible site that those of us who have had so much returned to us have a real obligation to try to give encouragement to those who are struggling with this horror. 

New, with Interstitial cystitis, question about NAC

Hello everyone,


so taking NAC alone is counter-productive?

This is my 4th time restarting NAC. I haven't officially been diagnosed with chlamydia pneumoniae, but have noticed that each time I take NAC, it tends to prolong and worsen my sporadic infection-like symptoms, such as a sore throat, malaise, etc. I also notice more GI distress, more obnoxious-smelling gas (sorry!) and a terrible odor on my breath. 

NAC and mercury

NAC is used to supply cysteine to the liver to help it make glutathione. Cysteine is usually the rate-limiting amino acid for making glutathione. NAC is also the antidote for overdose of acetaminophen (Tylenol in the U.S.) which depletes glutathione in the liver, and is the main cause of liver transplants. (Some, but not all, acetaminophen overdoses are intentional suicide attempts.) In ME/CFSi, many have high body burdens of inorganic mercury, such as is produced in the body from inhaling mercury vapor that is continuously emitted by amalgam fillings in the teeth. If a high body burden of mercury is suspected, Dr.

some questions

Hi There!

My last entry is quite long ago and as i have some questions too its time for an update.

first the good news: my scrotal pain improoved quite well but still gets worse sometimes while pulsing or after walking to much. right after pulses it gets better mostly. 

my older symptoms are more or less the same though (ibsi-b (with sibo and consequently malabsorbption and low weight), cfsi , light fibro,chest pain, very cold limbs ).

the ibs eventhough taking probiotics even got a little worse i think. im a bit affraid the abxi are messing up my gut flora too much.

Do you take NAC with food or on empty stomach?

I have been taking my NAC with my antibioticsi and I take them on an empty stomach (2 hours after a meal).  Is this okay?  Or should you take NAC with a meal?  Ive read amino acids should be taken on an empty stomach as you absorb it better.

 Please advise!

NAC 1200 or 2400/day?

Hello folks, can anyone clarify whether the recommended ramped up dose of NAC is 1200/day (i.e. 600 X 2 per day) or 2400/day (1200 x 2 per day) or other?  I have checked the formal list of supplementsi (chart) which shows the 600 X 2 per day but I read in many posts about ramping up to the full 2400 mg dose (presumably acceptable as 2 doses of 1200 each?). 

Any suggestions as to rationale for lower versus higher maximum dosage?

Thanks for your input!  Regards, Len.

NAC, Vit C Questions

Can someone clarify the NAC dosage for me? I read in the supplementsi chart that the dosage was 600 mg 2X  per day, but I also see elsewhere that one should ramp up to 2400 (i.e. 1200 2 X per day).  I am just starting on the protocol, is it correct to ramp up to the full 2400 mg of NAC daily before starting the doxycycline (my first antibiotic).


Also, I see the vitamin/supplement chart recommends 1 g Vitamin C 2 X per day. My local pharmacist recommends using regular ascorbic acid, not buffered, as I said I want to be cautious to prevent kidney stones with all of these supplementsi and calcium oxalate crystals in urine. Has anyone had any problems with taking 2 gm Vitamin C per day, unbuffered, such as gasto sensitivity, or other problems?


Out of the fog - again

In my seventh year of CAPi, I am once again emerging from the fog.  It is seventeen months since I began, for the second time, to attempt to climb out of the hideous hell-hole of M.S.

Cesare's struggle with his aching back made me realize that my neck does not have paralysing pain any more.   After months and months of not being able to move my head, then graduating to most-time, then part-time, pain, my neck is very close to normal.   That was my final area of great pain from the abxi going after the involved areas of my body's infection.

Can I take nac and glutathione together.

My md wants me on glutathione and I forgot to ask him this. Does anyone know if its okay?

BP and the Sun

Here I am back again with a couple of things I meant to say before.

The first is just a funny coincidence - my blood pressure at my check-up was my weight over my age: 106/70.

The other has nothing to do with our protocol.  It is that next week we are getting solar hot water!  We almost went entirely solar at the beginning but "chickened out" and decided to try this first.  There is a federal tax rebate of 30% and NC has a 35%  tax rebate in addition. 

A few days after our decision, we learned that a very famous dairy goat judge, breeder, and dairy owner is doing the whole thing.   She is in CA and hers is the second largest solar profect in CA.  This is incredibly exciting that all this is happening!


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