non-male pattern hairloss considered in conservative medical circles to be an auto immune disease<br />

A Hair Raising Adventure: Michele's remarkable alopecia response

Submitted by Jim K on Wed, 2007-02-21 08:21

[Editor: Michele's quite remarkable series of pictures gives such clear evidence that Cpn affects, and infects, small vessels and capillaries in the skin, in this case causing alopecia. Interestingly, this is not why she initiated a CAP (Combined Antibiotic Protocol). Her daughter Ella, described elsewhere on the site, was being treated for MS using the CAP based on David Wheldon's protocol, and Michele's research into Cpn made her look at many of her own accumulating and "non-specific" health problems as possibly Cpn related. Thus motivated to do the CAP herself, the impact on her alopecia was quite a surprise.

A Window on Cpn

Submitted by Michèle on Tue, 2007-02-20 10:41

A Window on CpnFor thirty years now, I have been asking what ails my scalp and suddenly I seem to be getting some answers. I am not going to write a scientific paper, it’s not my forte. What I am good at though is observation and this is what I am going to record here. I will venture to make some hypothesis or extrapolations from observing what is happening to my scalp to see if it can serve as a model for what may be happening inside my body. In other words is what is happening on my head a reflection of what is happening inside?