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Research on Supplements and adjuncts to treatment found here

Macrophage antioxidanti enzymes regulate Chlamydia pneumoniae chronicity: Evidence of the effect of redox balance on host-pathogen relationship ANtioxidants are important to CPn treatment. This paper explores the impact of CPn infection on redox in the macrophages. Technical paper.

Aspirin has been demonstrated to have anti-chlamydial effects. There is some suspicion that the "1 aspirin a day" effect in helping heart disease may be as much from the antibiotic effect it has on chlamydia as from it's supposed blood-thinning effect.

PDF paper written for physicians on the evidence supporting the notion chronic illness is germ induced

Salpingitis and Fibrosis in Koala's due to CPn This one's for females. I, Mrhodes40, am one of two people I know of who had female issues before CPn treatment that cleared up after abx. Related? Possibly. This citation indicates that CPn causes issues for female koala's.

-Toxic induced porphyrias technical but interesting. A must for physicians interested in using these protocols

-Dead Bugs Don't Mutate Classic explanation about bacterial intervention.

Is Science overlooking Bacteria in Chronic Illness? This page is an editorial comment on the unwillingness of science in general to look at the infective theories of chronic illness.