CFS sufferer wondering about MS

I am a long term CFSi sufferer (first became ill in 1995) but have in the last month or two wondered if I should consider asking for testing related to MSi. Recently I have been experiencing arm and particularly leg weakness/heaviness and some difficulty walking when that is really bad. I also get muscle jerks, but typically only at night when lying down. I put some medical history below.

Possibly this is an over-reaction - I think that heavy legs etc. may occur with CFS. I am wary that my medical worldview is rather centered on this site. Or should I consider requesting a referall to a neurologist? I have a very helpful doctor - but mostly I see his physician's assistant (like a senior nurse for those not in the US) and she, although very helpful and knowledgeable, may need a bit of direction. Fortunately she does listen to me - so I know I am very lucky.

If anyone in this community can help point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful. The walking issues are very concening for me...

My very condensed medical history is as follows:

-diagnosed with CFS in 1995, after severe infection. Since then regular relasing remitting symptom pattern conssiting of tiredness/exhaustian, sometimes sleep distubrance, stress intolerance etc. Difficulty controlling emotions when extremely tired (e.g. find myself on the verge of tears when people are unfair/unreasonable).
-Chronic lower back pain since 2003. Improved significantly with diet changes in 2013, and improved further on CAPi - currently not too bad.
-Tested for CPNi 02/2016, IGM normal but IGGi critical abnormal (1:256). Response to NACi (night-time fever). Started CAP as described below. Initially noticed very singificant improvements, in the last year entered more of a relapsing remitting pattern.
-Other positive tests - Lyme: western blot (39kDa Ind, 41kDa+), MTHFR test (positive for C677T and A1298C mutations), HLA genetic tests (at risk for MS/CFS/Mold toxin sensitivity)
-Typically notice worse asthmai symptoms and tiredness etc. when taking a CAP pulse.

CAP I am using is as follows:
-Doxycycline Hyclate 200mg twice daily, started 03/2016
-Azithromycin 500mg once daily, started 03/2016
-Regular 5 day pulses consisting of 500mg Tinidazole twice daily for 5 days (as tolerated), started in aug 2016 - now up to around 20 pulses
- +4g Cholestrymine USP 2x daily, 1x daily ultra-binder (basically activated charcoal) - cholestrymene atarted only around Easter 2017
- lots of supplementsi (too tired to list today) - mix of David's recommendation (not yet vit E) and Paul Jaminet's perfect health diet supplementsi (<)

One further comment - I am trying to remember whether I had such bad muscle pain and weakness 20 years ago when I first got CFSi and maybe this is a re-run of those symptoms - following the symptoms in reverse pattern that has been observed on this forum before. Probably this is not helped much by being 20 years older I guess Tongue Out. So maybe I am worried about something that is actually part of the healing process...

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