Cautiously conceding I may have been right...

Submitted by hdwhit on Sat, 2008-09-20 13:19

When I was in surveying class, the instructor described the process that one should follow as: "We complete the field work, take our measurements, do the computations and then try everything we can think of to prove ourselves WRONG.  Failing that, we cautiously concede we may be right."

I don't know that I've done everything to prove myself wrong, but I'm going to cautiously concede that the decison to add the amoxicillin was right. 

As previously reported, since starting my energy levels have impoved and my thinking is clearer (still not as clear or as fast as it needs to be) but the plateau I had hit with other symptoms has given way.  My handwriting has improved.  I'm sleeping through the night (in a way that's bad news because the 3:00 a.m. wake-up was when I took most of my charcoal).  When the wheel broke on my computer bag this week, I had to sling it and my garment bag on my shoulder and walk from the office to the hotel (Adams & Wells to Ohio & State for those that know Chicago) and then climb a flight of stairs to get to my room which I was able to do without having to hold on to the handrails!

As positive as this has been for me, I do NOT suggest it to others.  Drs. Stratton & Wheldon have good reasons for recommending NAC rather than penicillin.  I don't have a doctor supervising my treatment so I am on my own and my decisions are, at best, minimally informed.  By chosing to add amoxicillin, I am sailing in uncharted waters without a navigator and it could well be that the course I'm on has me heading for Niagra Falls.

I'll report more on my experiences as they develop but so far it's been a nice ride in this barrell.


I love your illustrations. Unfortunately, if you get in a barrell at Chicago, you have a long way to float on the way to Niagara Falls. It may be awhile before you can accurately surmise that amoxicillin is working. Part of the problem, maybe all of the problem, is that we really have no idea what infections or what strains of infections play a role in our individual case. Amoxicillin may work best in your case, given your infection.

But it may work for a few weeks to months and then not work. You won't know until you try it.

For what it's worth I respond to amoxicillin. I also respond to Zithromax. I don't fully recover. Stratton et al would tell me I wasn't on the right combo for the right length of time. Who knows. I have been on a lot of antibiotics for a lot of years. I just learned 4 weeks ago that I get NAC flu symptoms. I didn't even know I had c. pneumoniae.  

Measuring this stuff reminds me of one more illustration. Remember the satallite that was supposed to view Mars? It didn't get there because the math guys used inches instead of metric. Duh! (I often kid my son about this since he has a PhD in math.)

So - what are we measuring? Are we using the right ruler? Meanwhile all we can do is go with how we respond to treatment.

Paula Carnes

Paula Carnes


Responding to NAC would be similar to responding to amoxicillin.  We are using NAC instead of penicillin for the similarities in how it affects the CPn.  I also believe we are eradicating other bacteria which may not even be identified yet but have the same sort of life cycle phases as the EBs have.  


As for your experiences with penicillin, my daughter was on Amoxicillin for awhile and did fine for awhile but was never able to finish the entire rx she was given because she began to get such bad diarrhea and then a yeast infection to boot.  

Fortunately, eating lots of yogurt and stopping the Amoxicillin turned things around quickly for her.  She never had this sort of reaction the whole time she had been on IV abx which preceded this.  

If the penicillin is working for you, just be careful to take lots of probiotics so that you don't totally lose your gut flora!  It's been known to happen.  Image removed.

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Don't believe everything you think!  

HD - Has anyone mentioned the word TAXI to you? I highly recommend them. That was no short walk, for those of you not familiar with the terrain. I happened to be downtown, and at Navy Pier today for a big restoration and renovation show and traveled almost your same route (in a car). Impressive!

Sounds like you're doing well.  VERY well.   


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Mac- LOL!

HD- the effect of amoxi on bowel flora is one of the big reasons we use NAC, so be especially mindful of extra probiotics, and note that since most bacterial use LPS endotoxin, including bowel flora, amoxi can induce endotoxin reactions even when not killing EB's.


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