Bood test shows some improvements

Submitted by horses12 on Sat, 2010-06-26 18:40

I  just received my lab work in the mail and have some small improvements.

One year ago: vitamin D3 level was 32. Now it has gone up to 68

                        ferriten level was 13. Now is 27


It doesn't seem like much but at least it is going in the right direction. Any improvement is worth posting!


Great improvements!

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Hey Bonnie B...

Hurray!  I remember when you could not tolerate taking Vitamin, to have your level double (in less than a year ?)  is really great.  Also considering the whole "cpn eats iron" and "biofilms use iron" theory you must be balancing your dosing vs the CPN to get your iron levels improved.  

Its a relief sometimes to see our test results gearing in the right direction, its a confirmation that what we are doing is working :)



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Great news. Could you explain about feritten? Raven

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Raven~  Here's some info on ferritin:

I had iron deficiency anemia at one point in time.  My ferritin level was 5 ng/mL and that was after taking iron supplements for 3 months!   I ended up working with an iron disorderes specialist, and he said that ferritin levels less than 50 ng/mL indicated that the bone marrow was deficient or depleted of iron no matter what the reference range for ferritin was at the lab.  If you read the above link, you'll see that less than 50 ng/mL can be associated with RLS.  

The doctor wanted my ferritin level at 100 before I quit taking supplements.  I was taking over 200 mg of elemental iron a day!   That is a lot of iron.  I still take a supplement daily to keep my level over 50.  

Horses~  good for you on your lab improvements.  Keep monitoring them and keep improving that ferritin level.

Best, Timaca

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Oh...Raven, I didn't see your question regarding ferritin. Here is a good site you can go to:

I hope you find this helpful. 


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