27 Apr 2018
Jim K

Bob's question: how to convince a doc


I've moved Bob's question from the Handbook page to here so it has it's own thread.



I am having a nightmare convincing any doctor to help me undergo this treatment. I haven't given up yet but the resistance is strong. The ususal response goes like this: ''You have already been given 2 or 3 [short] courses of anti-biotics and it is not possible you still have it!''. ''No, I doubt very much if it can become a systemic infection''.

One doctor that I directed to this web site said I shoud l stay away from this kind of dangerous thinking. Of course he made no effore to look at what it contained.

What can an individual do in these circumstances?

I have been tested recently for many tropical disease which were all clear (even Lyme, though I beleive this is just as difficult to detect in chronic conditions as is Cpn and that the symptoms, complications and treatments are very similar)

But my condition is worsening day by day and I feel  fit the normal pattern for Cpn as I understand it (or Lyme). So I can be clear and assess my symptoms better - can somebody point out where I can find a list of Cpn symptoms in the early and chronic stages? If it already exists on this web site I can't see it, if not, does anyone have some info?.

I want to use this to help persuade my Doctor that my symptoms are in fact still Cpn. 


thanks Bob





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This is going to be difficult, but not impossible.  First, you need to open the gates to more cold calls on doctors.  You only need one "yes", but that might require a lot of asking.  Kim and I got super frustrated trying to find a doctor.  Folks here will PM you.  Our doc is in Nashville and we drive 12 hours each way to see him.  There are a lot of posts here about this topic, you also might want to backtrack through the history of your question.  Ken

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Bob there is not one presentation for Cpn associated diseases and symptoms vary from person to person.   Some people will tell you exactly when they caught Cpn because they had a nasty cold/lung infection which took a long time to get better, but many do not know when it happened.

You need to read and read here to get a good enough knowledge of Cpn to present a cogent argument to a reluctant doctor.   But it might be easier to find a doctor who is already familiar with the concept, even if you have to travel to consult him or her.   I'm going to look where you live in a moment and see if there is a doctor we know treat in your area.... In the meantime I suggest you read Getting Started module, tab at the top of the page.   I also suggest that you read the Potbelly Syndrome by Russ Farris which gives a cogent explanation of why we get sick in lots of different way when infected with Cpn.


PS I've read your profile and have already sent you any information I have regarding doctors.   I recommend Dr. AW.

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Bob~  Have you been tested for Cpn?  What are the results?

Were you in the tropics sometime?  Is that why you were tested for tropical diseases?

Were you tested for Brucella too?   Fungal infections?  (like histoplasmosis?)

How about mycoplasma pneumonia?  Various viruses?   Why were you tested for lyme? 

I ask lots of questions, huh?   Image removed.

If you KNOW you have high antibody titers to some pathogen, and just can't find a doctor to treat you then you have to keep knocking on doors or posting at places like this, or immunesupport.com to find suggestions of doctors.

If you are guessing you have a pathogen, but don't have high antibody titers, then it is important (in my opinion) to run all the tests you and your doctor can think of (I have a list if you need one)...to try to come up with what may be causing your problems.

Best,   Timaca


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I was very fortunate with my experience. I printed off all the material but not before spending a month learning about the protocol. I made an appt with Dr. and told him that I had stumbled apon a treatment that is not widely accepted but was interested in trying. I told him that I had studied it extensively and that I would do everything that he required me to do in terms of blood work etc along the way.  I think he realized that I was serious and that I was going to do it with or without him. He told me that it was my body and I can do with it what I want. He had heard of the treatment but had no real opinion of it. He is a real free thinker and is likely going to be really interested in following the CAP's progression.

I hope you can find someone that is not into following the masses. The quotations of "double blind studies" and that sort of thing gets discouraging. I just think that we should be able to be in charge of our own health. As long as we have thorougly educated ourselves and have somewhere to ask questions along the way.

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It can be done Bob!

Something will come through for you if it is to be.  I think there are still some on here who did have to go to the extreme though & purchase abx on line.  I don't know anything about that but I have read it here.

 Leave no stone unturned, best wishes



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This is cut/pasted from Bob's member page. It should answer a few of your questions.

Country & Region/City UK, Midlands, Stourbridge Date Started CAP''s 08/24/2008 Personal Statement I was tested positive for Chlamydial Pneumonia in 2005 and was treated with Azythromycin for 14 days. Felt a little better for a while but symptoms returned. Tested again and told that I no longer have the disease, but I am showing anti bodies (so I had it but not now was the thought) so in their view the treatmet was effective. Had another 14 days of Azythro a year later and again felt better for a few weeks. Since then I have been suffering continuing and increasing symptoms and have had most of it written off to prostatitis! I am not sure and feel that it is Cpni still deep rooted. What can I do as a UK citizen to find a clinic who can conduct proper testing and can anyone direct me to a Dr to help me?

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Bob,  try looking up Alternative medicine practitioners.  You'll likely come across some docs who are not so stuck.  I have a D.O. who is actually a traditionally trained Chinese accupuncturist.  He doesn't have much interest in learning about this protocol, but I gave him lots of printed off information telling him that this is what I needed to try.  So, now I just tell him what I need next when it's time to add something more to my regimine and he writes it.  It's not the best case scenario as I have to be careful to remember to monitor labs and keep schedules for myself, but it's better than nothing.

Good Luck.


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Thanks for all the posts here

Sorry for the delay in replying, after trying to get my head round navigating the site I had actually forgotten I posted the link. My brain's not what it used to be. 

Meanwhile, many of you have been kind enough to respond to my blog and I am now trying to gather more (and hopefuly final) test results before deciding to embark on the CAP.

Great site, thanks for the support, it makes the difference.



Symptoms: Very run down/malaise etc. Breathless, CFS. heavy limbs. Irritated nerve feelings. Severe pelvic discomfort. Oct 08 - all Supps + 2400mg NAC. Dec 08 - 200mg Doxy + 250mg Azith.Clarithro M.W.F.

Paul, I'm not at my main computer at the moment so cannot reply with information, when I get home I'll have a look at my very limited list of doctors to see if I have anything for your area and will send you a private message to let you know.

Quite a few people travel to see doctors who are known to us so you might have to be prepared to do that if I don't have anything for your area.

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