Nicotinamide ribosome anybody?

As ever, I'm into reading emerging research to improve neurological functioning.  Personally I have benefitted from taking Biotin 300mg daily, as it seems to enhance a biological function that is defective in MS.  I've been researching nicotinamide riboside and have decided to start 250mg x 3 daily tomorrow.  Here are some links™_nicotinamide_riboside_offers_huge_potential_as_next_generation_niacin">i&naid=438


Oregon doctors open to long term antibiotics for asthma?

Dear CPNHelp community,

Can anyone recommend a doctor in Oregon (preferably somewhere in the Portland area) who would be open to long-term antibioticsi for asthmai? Not necessarily the full CAPi, but at least very comfortable with something like 6 months of macrolides and/or doxycycline? I've been suffering from new-onset asthma since a pneumonia back in January, and it's about time I found an ally.

Thanks for your help.



Falling over

I have had two good falls over the past two days.  What is one to do???

Finished Pulse 25

Hi there.

I've finished Pulse 25.  The first four days were really quite boring on this pulse.  I even thought about extending it!

However the last day was hard so I ended it.  The days since then have also been hard -- I am very weak and very feverish.  I just hope this means a lot of invaders are being killed!

Wishing everyone all the best!

Polak MS

Witam! Jest tutaj jakiś Polak, który leczy badz leczył się na MSi

Tini Pulse 15 - 11th full 5 day pulse

I figured I'm sore anyway so why not just pulse again...

Once again I've been quite tired lately... sleeping until 9-10am regularly and wanting to sleep in the afternoons a lot(I try not to so as not to disrupt my sleep patterns)...

Wrists/forearms/ankles and soles of feet very sore(cannot easily walk when I get out of bed type sore)... needing to take anti-inflammatories a bit to stop from crying... HR 130 just sitting or walking from one room to the next.... getting high nineties now sitting at computer - so time for a break! Off to my couchy goodness place...

How Biotin works

Found an interesting snippet on the Facebook Biotin site, regarding the role of Biotin on the production of myelini<


Pulse 25

Hi there,

I started pulse 25 on Wed night.

I am beginnng my 4th year on CAPi and am getting impatient for some improvemens in my mobility....

recovrering from 46 - bladder still ok

very glad it is over for now, nothing to report apart from bladder still being better,   Of course hoping for more but know I have to be patient.  best wishes to all on this journey love S


Hello everyone,

I have been off the Abxi since August, and I don't plan to get back on because I am afraid of how much worse I might become. My cpni IgGi titter is 1:64 and hasen't changed in 3 1/2 years of Abxi, and I haven't seen any signs of improvement. I have an Epstine Barr titter of IGG of 1:02.

I haven't taken steroids in 5 years. I have been taking 300mg of Biotin daily for 7 months, and a lot of other supplementsi. I feel horrible, so I am considering getting back on steroids. Does anyone have any suggestions on this.

Thank you so much,



Just FYI. I just got a Himalayan Salt Lamp and I haven't had to take a decongestant since I plugged it in. They really work.<

Pulse #29

I’m a little bit late in starting this – pulse 29 - but there has either been lurgy about, kryptonite or a bit of both. I certainly know that there have been colds and wot-not hanging around. Again, today, I slept in until silly O’clock this evening. I have even had an email from a certain Count Dracula, asking if I am trying to nick his job.

Need help finding a doctor to treat Chlamydphilla

I am desperately searching for a doctor who has experience treating this chronic illness. The VA refuses to acknowledge that this is a real illness and are unwilling to educate themselves. I have been corresponding with a Dr. Stratton from Vanderbilt but he does not see patients. He referred me to a Michael Powell DO from Sacramento but he does not take Medicare.  I will go anywhere, I just need help finding a doctor. 

More about the gut brain connection

Found this interesting article today in the Guardian - moght well be the answer to healing MSi<<


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