Buhner Update

I am still faithfully doing the Buhner Protocol, taking the herbs he recommends 6x per day. I also started the protocol for Lyme and the co-infectionsi. After starting the co-infection herbs, I had some really rough days. They were as bad as I ever was on flagyli. I almost cut back but instead I upped cat's claw and started ibuprofen (both for their effect on inflammationi) and upped my chlorella intake. Whether the herx passed or those three things helped, or a combination, I'm not 100% sure but I did start feeling better soon thereafter.

21st pulse 17th full 5 day pulse

Forgot to post this - ooops...

Back October 1st to 5th I did this pulse...

Still feel at my worst immediately before a pulse...

Still taking pyruvate most days - skip it some days as I sleep late and do not want to wait 1 hour for breakfast and antibioticsi...

What I've been up to

Hi Everybody.

I've had to take a small break from to deal with a number of personal issues. Pulses were put on hold as well. I've been looking for a new job, had to file bankruptcy, and this summer my health took a slight turn for the worse because of some abscesses.

I felt it was time I gave you all an update.

Pulse #36 and 1st ever metronidazole pulse

I finished the last of my 5-day tinidazole pulse last Wednesday morning. Later on, I started my 1st ever metronidazolei pulse. In theory, the very last occasion that anyone would want to start taking metronidazole would be half way through their holiday. The tinidazole tablets that I had been taking had barely been - if that - keeping my dental pain at bay. Metronidazole seemed to have stamped on it. I shall continue taking this Spanish-bought metro until I have seen the dentist on Monday afternoon.

To Londoners!

Here is a message that I received from Terry Wahls.  Maybe this will interest some of you Brits.

HEALTH Unplugged is back for a special one-off event on October 29, 2016 from
12:00 to 16:45pm St Paul's Centre, Hammersmith, London.

I will be discussing:

Buhner Protocol after relapse

I haven't posted anything in a while. I thought I had got on top of CPni and that I just needed to build up stamina. Unfortunately, a few months ago, I had to face the fact that my post-exertion malaise was getting worse. I tried 600 mg of NACi and had a reaction. It took me a couple of weeks to get back up to 2400 mg per day. 

I am in a transition period with this. I was a patient of Michael and Dr. P and with the closing of their office I had to decide where I was going next. After reading about the Buhner protocol, particularly in the 2nd edition of Healing Lyme, and being a believer in herbs, I decided to give it a try.

Pulse #35

Yes, I have been through the wars recently.  Through most of August and nearly all of September, I was not well at all.  I had a little theory that running out of probiotic capsules allowed some sort of fungal overgrowth. All just a theory.

I feel young(ish) again

I have now run out of antibioticsi and I consider myself cured of MSi. I still have some tinizadrole and will keep pulsing every 4 weeks unttil they run out I have done 31 pulses since I started on the protocol. I have gained stength, balance, stamina and my thinking is clearer .

Self help news - Gluten sensitivity and Probiotics

"Our study demonstrated that the use of probiotic capsule for 12 weeks among subjects with MSi had favorable effects on EDSSi, parameters of mental health, inflammatory factors, markers of insulin resistance, HDL-, total-/HDL-cholesteroli and MDA levels."

"In a cross-over trial of subjects with suspected NCGS, the severity of overall symptoms increased significantly during 1 week of intake of small amounts of gluten, compared with placebo. Clinical trial no: ISRCTN72857280."

Pulse #34

Hi All!

I haven't posted and I haven't posted an a fair while. I wasn't very well throughout August and I'm still trying to recover now.

I'm at least three weeks late in pulsing and have become even more lax at posting. I'm due to go away on holiday in just over a week's time, so am keen to be a bit more well by then. Anyway, I started a pulse earlier on today and I had my second tinii tab of this pulse a couple of hours ago.

I have a few tasks in hand which I have been neglecting due to lack of energy, but I will post a piece from a SupaGuy perspective in the coming days.

When start with the 3rd Abx?

Hello all of you, I'm writing as I need your advice...I want to start with the 3rd Abxi, but I' m not sure, when there is the right time for it. I started end of April with Doxyi, some weeks later with Azi. Each time I felt a deterioration, so that in the meantime I cannot lift my right foot as is should be, going is very hard.

Now I wonder what will happen, when I start with the 3rd. I decided not to take Metroi, but Tinidazol , here I got the info, that it should be "softer". I read so much in this forum that I sometimes do not know anything.

Desperateůy ůooking for AUREOMYCINE

Hello everybody,

so im still fignting with the intraocular infection by Chlamydophila felis. The quinolons prescribed by czech doctors didnt help at all and im still goinng blind. Im neraly completeůy blind now ?-(((

A biochemist and a catr lady, who has been through this disease, told me that quinolones dont work well inside the eye, either. And the best treatment for tzje feline chlamydia is Aureomycine, but must be used both systeemically (perorally) and topucally as an eye ointment, One without the other doesnt work, either, . Chlamyydophila felis is often laso compltely resistant to Doxycycline, which is probably my case.

Taking a break

Hi there,

After suffering from gastro distress for many months, which has severely impacted my quality of life, I and my doctor have agreed that it is time for me to take a break from antibioticsi.  We will decide if I return to the protocol when my gut heals.  In the meatime I will keep taking NACi and I am doing my best to adopt Terry Wahls' ketogenic diet.

I will still be cheering for everyone on the protocol!  May you have more success and less discomfort than I experienced.

Best wishes to everyone!

cap and h. pylori

After a year on CAPi using flagyli / biaxin/ doxyi I started having seriouse throat issues..Went 9 months like this. I thought the antibioticsi had created chronic gastritis. My throat, heart , chest.. All were burning.

I never checked H. Pylorii as being the cause. After all I was using same antibiotics used for this parasite. Life was hell.

Asthmai was gone but acid was killing me.

Had an endoscope. I had amazingly h pylori infection.

I have been reading that H. pylori can be resistent to flagyl and biaxon.

2 days into amoxycillon and tetracyclin and I am getting ok and much better.

Carefull people. Longterm cap probably kills good flora and allows resistent strains of h pylori to thrive.

keep an open eye to this possibility.


Hello everybody,

It's been 6 months since I posted. I have chronic active CPNi. Does anyone know of an alternative to Abxi? I am suffering. Every 7 years I get a flare up that leaves me with a new symptom.


Enjoy your day.

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