cap and h. pylori

After a year on CAPi using flagyli / biaxin/ doxyi I started having seriouse throat issues..Went 9 months like this. I thought the antibioticsi had created chronic gastritis. My throat, heart , chest.. All were burning.

I never checked H. Pylorii as being the cause. After all I was using same antibiotics used for this parasite. Life was hell.

Asthmai was gone but acid was killing me.

Had an endoscope. I had amazingly h pylori infection.

I have been reading that H. pylori can be resistent to flagyl and biaxon.

2 days into amoxycillon and tetracyclin and I am getting ok and much better.

Carefull people. Longterm cap probably kills good flora and allows resistent strains of h pylori to thrive.

keep an open eye to this possibility.


Hello everybody,

It's been 6 months since I posted. I have chronic active CPNi. Does anyone know of an alternative to Abxi? I am suffering. Every 7 years I get a flare up that leaves me with a new symptom.


Enjoy your day.

20th tini pulse 16th full 5 day

Well just started this morning...

Slightly sore ankles again before starting this pulse... and sore thigh muscles just a bit this last month or so... but in general the leg pains are much less...

Also, when I rmember to take it, the pyruvate does change the quality of pain and generally leave me less "off" feeling but I do get sweats after taking antibioticsi...

Still unsure if I should think about doing antibiotics as 2 weeks on 2 weeks off - I def feel MUCH better off the antibiotics now. When I started the antibiotics made me feel off but did give me some relief from the grinding pain... 

My head space is improved - although I quickly go off if I have to keep going at all. At least I can get some brain function patches if I rest up.



I have been meaning to post this question for a long time.....say a year and a half! What is trprophan? I can't find any information on it. Is this a typo? Is it meant to say trptophan? 

It is mentioned in the section about porphyriai and diet:<

"3. Avoid Red Meats Red meats, including beef and dark turkey as well as tuna and salmon contain tryprophan and should be avoided as much as possible."

Anyone Use Rifabutin or Rifampicin on Sjogrens?

Been using Minocycline for 3 years on Roadback.   Have tried combos with Amox, Clarithromycin, Roxithromycin, Flagyli, Tinidazole.   So far holding only.   Read some info that Sjogrens is caused by H Pylori, tough to beat.   There is a new drug coming, in Phase 3, uses Amox, Rifabutin and Prilosec, high doses, with 90% cure r ate.   Has anyone used this or used a combo with Rifabutin or Rifamycin with any success?  Thanks all.


50 done,srill not beter

So done 50 now using rampherin..not noticed much differemde but will continue for the moment.  So hoping ro be better= this has become a long and difficult journey . The abitics definateliy helped which motivates me to continue with this nitemare.  I'm sure my father has cpni, wihich he goet from his mothers I've got ms and just wish the medical connunity  would take a bit ot notice of this.  Anyway too tirrd to wright more - Beat tp all, love Suzanne

19th Pulse - 15th full 5 day pulse

Day 3 .... 

Still feel worst pain wise when I'm due to pulse... brain fog worst when pulsing...

Mitochondrial dysfunction, MS, CFS, ALS, Chronic infection and CPn infection

Here is a very interesting piece of research about Mitochondrial dysfunction and chronic infection, tying together many disparate chronic diseasesi.  Also ways, apart from antibioticsi, that you can improve your mitochondrial dysfunction.
"Many chronic diseases and illnesses are associated with one or more chronic
infectionsi, dysfunction of mitochondria and reduced production of ATP.

Chlamydia Pneumonia for CFS and fibromyalgia: 6 Month Recovery


I write this post not long after finishing the antibiotic routine. I am writing this for other people who are perhaps like me. When I first came here I could see there were many very sick people on this site and although I was quite unwell, I was not in the extreme category. So, this may be worth reading for other people who feel they are in a similar situation to me. 


An article relating to lyme/co-infections/MS

Lost my post I think - try again.

Just an article that I found good realting to MSi - spirochetes/ lyme/ co-infectionsi<<

I haven't blogged in awhile...

Yet real further progression.  So, I'm going to call the protocol succesful.  I'm sure, if I'd get off my but and exercise a bit, improvements would come.

I did, however, have one of those episodes Aug 2.  I'd been feeling a little off for a couple days.  Low grade fever in the afternoon.  Monday, chills in the afternoon.  Went to bed, couldn't get up again.  Finally, about 5am, I struggled to my feet and then collasped (gracefully) to the floor.  Had to call the care attendants to pick me up.  No damage.

Turns out there was indeed a bug of some sort going around the building. 

Everything seems back to normal now.

Cpn protocol prescriber in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Does anyone know how I can get the medication?  My doctor won't prescribe without cpni infection proof.     I am extremely discouraged.    How is everyone on this site getting the meds?  I live in the Detroit, Michigan, USA area.   

I was diagnosed with secondary progressive msi in 2001.    

Doctor in Melbourne Australia??

Hi all, I'm new to the site and wondered if anyone could recommend a Melbourne based doctor willing to thoroughly test for CPni and administer abxi protocol? Having trouble as my docs are skeptical..

With thanks!

pulse 27

Hi there,

I just finished pulse 27 a few days ago.  As usual I was very tired for a few days...

Hoping that something good will result from this pulse.

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