I haven't blogged in awhile...

Yet real further progression.  So, I'm going to call the protocol succesful.  I'm sure, if I'd get off my but and exercise a bit, improvements would come.

I did, however, have one of those episodes Aug 2.  I'd been feeling a little off for a couple days.  Low grade fever in the afternoon.  Monday, chills in the afternoon.  Went to bed, couldn't get up again.  Finally, about 5am, I struggled to my feet and then collasped (gracefully) to the floor.  Had to call the care attendants to pick me up.  No damage.

Turns out there was indeed a bug of some sort going around the building. 

Everything seems back to normal now.

Cpn protocol prescriber in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Does anyone know how I can get the medication?  My doctor won't prescribe without cpni infection proof.     I am extremely discouraged.    How is everyone on this site getting the meds?  I live in the Detroit, Michigan, USA area.   

I was diagnosed with secondary progressive msi in 2001.    

Doctor in Melbourne Australia??

Hi all, I'm new to the site and wondered if anyone could recommend a Melbourne based doctor willing to thoroughly test for CPni and administer abxi protocol? Having trouble as my docs are skeptical..

With thanks!

pulse 27

Hi there,

I just finished pulse 27 a few days ago.  As usual I was very tired for a few days...

Hoping that something good will result from this pulse.

Pulse #33

Pulse #33 here we go ...

Yes, I am rather late this time but then I have had very little energy; rather like a wet rag.

I have been rather depleted lately, so I haven't even logged on for a while. Having just started a pulse, it was necessary for me to log on in order to post. I went out into Swansea yesterday but today I am back to just basically doing almost nothing.  Here in the UK, the popular and universal get-out seems to be Brexit; I don't think I'll be blaming my lack of energy on that.  Hopefully, in a week's time I'll be singing from the tree tops.



Tini Pulse 18 - 14th full 5 dat pulse

Up to 4th day... not much to report on this one...

49 done changed to ramphin

ok so started raferpin - not a whole lot of difference so far but seem to have regained apperite which has to be be good, still not walking,pain in feet as gefore sill living in hope.   I hope for more improvements,  especially walking and brains seem tolive in confision - not good anyway still convin yced that I will recover its a very slow process for me  anyway best wishes to all on this marathon, love Suzannne

Keeping a Lid on Cpn

Hello again,

just checking in this month. I have been really busy extracting myself from my teaching job. I retired and I'm finally free. Now I will have the time to take better care of my health. Had some Cpni testing done earlier in the year and levels have been rising. I did a few rounds of Ivermectin and it cut the testing amount in half but Ivermectin only goes after the elementary bodyi form of Cpn.

Simvastatin anybody taking this?

hi there

 Is anybody taking Simvastatine for is SPMSi ?

 Any benefits ?

 I would appreciate your replies....

Pulse #32

This is more than just a little bit early but, hey-ho, I completely missed pulses at the start of the year (due to lack of drugs).  I started my previous pulse on the 5th of June and I popped my first tinii tab of this new pulse earlier this evening.  I haven’t been feeling great anyway – very tired, weak legs and slower than ever – but as I don’t tend to suffer greatly when on a pulse, why the hell not?


Hi there,

Before I started CAPi I was going to physiotherapy 3 times a week and got by pretty well with my cane....

Once I started NACi I became too weak to go to physio and now use a walker for short distances and a wheel chair for everything else.  I have now found a physiotherapist who makes home visits and she is coming today to do an assessment.

I live in denial about how I am deteriorating and I am sure she will make me face this. so I am not looking forward to her visit.  On the other hand, maybe just maybe, she can help strengthen some muscles or bring back some flexibility to the spastic ones...

Wish me luck!

I'm almost cooked

Jeez, how time flies. I ramped up pulses to every other week and have now done at least 24 and will start another this weekend.I r        eally think that I have just about done it. I remember being told that I would finish with what I started with and i am breaking out in patches of psoriasis and that is what I first had. M    y MSi - balance is still off and my eyes are still damaged. Rheumatoid - my joints are much better, my knees are still deformed but they are working. I have started to lift weights and I have been able to do the gardening this year. I am walking without my stick most days too. I have more energy, I can focus much better and I feel well mentally.

Tini pulse 17 - 13th full 5 day pulse

One week until the house and nursery are sold.... I started this pulse 2 days ago... so far not so bad - but the pyruvate does seem to increase the pulse effects a little...

2nd pulse

hi I'm currently on my 2nd pulse am able to do the full 5 days with no side effects could anyone tell me if this is normal taking doxyi daily azithomycin  3 days a week  then the full 5 days of metronizole was very sick the first few months but now everything has calmed down is this supposed to happen

Mark's update after 24 months on the CAP

Guys I thought I would post this –it might help some out there. I live in Australia. I have had CFSi for around 20 years & have always been able to hold down a job (at times coming home early for a nap). I have still been able to get out & exercise (I love cycling & skiing!). I live in Australia. Often it takes me a while to recharge after these activities. You could say that I was running at about 70% of where a healthy person would be. My main symptoms are fatigue & brain fog. After visiting 18 different Dr’s finally one diagnosed me with CPNi & I ended up seeing a Dr who is happy to treat this in Australia. He started me on the tinidazole, roxythromycin & minocycline. After not herxing on any of these he switched me to a longer pulse using the metronidazolei.

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