Creepy Crawlies

Submitted by Andesine on Tue, 2008-07-22 07:20

OK, we're now well into this and the pill taking is becoming very tiresome. I have to admit to lapsing with some of the less important supplements, mainly because I just couldn't face taking another pill which is maybe why I'm currently driven mad with what feels like ants running around under the skin of my left leg.I have to keep checking to make sure nothing is running around on the outside of my leg, and there isn't, or, if there is then I have eye problems instead.If this normal? Or is it me being odd again?  

2400 mg. NAC daily - first week done deal.

Submitted by Miying Meng on Tue, 2008-07-22 02:05

Finally! Sweet success. I am able to take 2400 mg. NAC every day. Took me three months to get here. I have had to avoid using the FIR sauna for two weeks and keep all things low key. Seems too much anything gives me burning red eyes, sore throat and wheezing bronchials. So I limit certain foods, too much sunlight, working too hard, too much stress, too much this, that and the other. But I am here ... I did it! Yay! Doing the Bron-Y-Aur Stomp baby! Cool  MM PS... will go change my signature now. My new badge. Wink

horrible reaction to tenth pulse

Submitted by jak7ham9 on Mon, 2008-07-21 21:24

I just broke a 104 F fFever. I finished flagyl2 days ago. TIred but ok' But whamo took doxy today almost died. Huge head and neck pain high fevr. Couldn't walk at all. Peed on way to bathroom. Kids got me upstairs. Horriblle. Only up to  break fever. Now back to bed. uggh Could tell this was coming so cld in feet legs., Pleas let this pass Barbara

CPN Not Treatable ?

Submitted by B3Better on Mon, 2008-07-21 17:30

Hello :)Want to first say I am so very inspired by the stories of success I read here!  Like others, I am struggling with trying to overcome some very painful sx's that until recently were unexplained in my case.I am being treated for Lyme disease and may soon begin abx for Bartonella - I have sx's of both of these conditions since they overlap so confusingly!  Also have risk factors for both, so neither too much a stretch of the imagine even though I have clinical dx supported by bloodwork indicative of 'SOME' type of infection, even if by some chance it's not Lyme.

2nd pulse not as bad as the first

Submitted by Todybear on Mon, 2008-07-21 15:24

As the date neared for my impending Flagyl pulse, I felt anxiety and tension about it as the last pulse was nothing but ugly. I magaged through this past one without any carnage or burned bridges! I did double the dose of the last pulse; however, still ramping up towards full dose. I was fully expecting to feel the insanity I felt last pulse but this one was far more manageable. I was tired, has some nausea late in the day and my feet stung. (Not "stunk", that was not a typo.) All Ok with me just as long as the Wicked Troll stays under wraps. So I guess the pulses vary in effects. I am feeling pretty strong two days after the pulse as well. The weather is turning hotter and more humid so I expect that to tip my ship a little. Carry on......

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: stayin' alive on pulse 25

Submitted by farandwide on Mon, 2008-07-21 14:40

Day 3 of pulse 25 is well underway.  Over the weekend, I had two days of taking the higher dose of Metronidazole and it continues today with 3 x 500mg, this time in pill form as opposed to the capsule form.  I can now say from first hand experience, there is a major difference between taking the capsule form and taking the pill form.  The pill form is NASTY.  Horrid, horrid taste!I've started attempting to toss the pill back in my mouth to my throat in hopes of missing my tongue entirely and washing the bugger down.  Uggh!!  I had it easy with the capsule form!  Unfortunately, when my doc increased my dosage, he also increased the amount of pill prescribed so that I get a 4  month supply at a time.  Now, all in pill form....yuck!

Time to go intermittent?

Submitted by Malcolm on Mon, 2008-07-21 04:48

I am beginning to think about moving from continuous to intermittent protocol. I took a Falgyl pulse last week and the primary impact was to make me feel a bit morose and I wonder if this is more an effect of the Flagyl alone. I am generally extremely well, and in some ways I fell better than I can remember. For example I cycle around my town, which takes me about 25 minutes (non stop, quite fast), and I find this easy but I am sure that prior to my MS dx it would have felt like much harder work, and it is not really about fitness, it is more that I am free of some sense of lethargy that I used to live with a fairly permanent basis (unknowingly).

Weird skin symptoms

Submitted by raven on Sun, 2008-07-20 22:34

Last two pulses brought some renewed stiffness and pain in the muscles on the right side of my scalp. Then I had a skin irritation in the same area that began itching somewhat. I saw my dermatologist for my annual check up and she gave some topical cortisone cream for it. She couldn't figure out what caused it. I haven't tried the cream yet as I thought I would ask if anyone has had this problem.I am thinking it has to be related to Cpn and dieoff. Good news is that spots on my face I thought might be pre-cancerous were not. So I did not have to go through the ordeal of having surgery on my face like I did in '06.

can anyone relate?

Submitted by loulou on Sat, 2008-07-19 22:02

No long details. Too much brain fog, fatigue, etc. etc. Prior to ms diagnosis I was diagnosed as having parasites, dientamoeba fragilis, blastocystis hominis, etc. followed with a h pylori diagnosis followed with ms followed with a chronic stage lyme disease diagnosis with subinfections of babesia and probable bartonella. Confusing, I know?Has anyone been in similar situation? I have been also told that artemisinin can be possible remedy for at least babesia, lyme. It is herbal and can surpass malaria drugs such as mepron which I have used but my liver can't tolerate....................Also, as a side issue many years ago when I was approx. 15 years old I suffered from alopecia areata. That resolved within a year on its own.