Happy Christmas, Everyone!


  1. Exlwejs  sxjust a question to anyone who can put my mind at rest!

i’m cutting  back the 4  modFiniil (provigil) i tKe each day for fatigue, as it ,owerso blood pressure and ialrsDy havs those symptoms. EHowever, i feel dreadful.  Typing this is so hard, so many mistakes. i feel dreadful,  nauseous and dizzy,  worried of leaving a anything on the stove, and so very  very tired.  

Pulse is a bit low, but  BP is ok. Anyone else?


Here we go again!

I’ve checked, and this is definitely pulse 6 and I finish tomorrow.My BP feels low (i’ll check when i have the new batteries) and i’m expecting the hypotension to be psychosomatic, which concerns me. Why am i prone to self imposed suggestion?  

Prior to dxi, i realised reds and greens had become muted, i didn’t lose all colour perception, but, suddenly, these colours are vivid again! overall everything is even more blurry than before ... good, because i love being a guide dog owner and, truly, don’t mind that my reflection is in soft focus! 

Just popped my last rifampicin

Hey ...

I have been popping them since last February and I have just popped my last rifampicin. That's it. No more rifampicin. No more religiously waiting for 2 hours after food or an hour before. No more extremely dark urine. Finished.

I shall still continue to take my other antibioticsi ... until they too run out. I haven't done a count up but I guess that will be in the middle of the first quartile of next year. In the meantime, I think I need to get plenty of milk thistle down my gullet and give my liver a winter break.


Update December 2017 (over a year later)

This is a futher update, 18 months after my previous 'recovery post' which was 6 months after commencing CPni protocol.

Interestingly, my story took some futher interesting twists, which I want to share, because it may apply to others. 

Unfortunately, I thought I was better, but I was not. After the antibioticsi, many symptoms had resolved, but the chronic fatigue and pain got worse and i had terrible brain fog and headaches. I felt utterly desperate. 

To cut a very long story short, I discovered the root cause of my illness was exposure to highly toxic mould, which was in my house. What i now know, is that the onset of my chronic fatigure and pain (fibromyalgiai) coincided with house renovations which created a bloom of toxic mould in the subfloor.

Some improvement!

I'm killing time, so will tell you about the news from my guru! i'm very superstitious, so waited a while to share, besides which, I've been feeling terrible....! Julia massaged my leg, helping my drop-foot, which feels like it stems from my knee. Both legs are affected, the left is the most bothersome, and the problem is intermittent, but, extremely, frequent. However, I slur less and less, in fact now only slur when I'm shattered. i've seen Julia, as a herbalist, masseur and friend, on and off, for a few years now. When my husband saw her last, she confirmed what I knew, that of her MS clients I'm the only one who's improving, that I haven't degraded in the time she's known me, that my speech has become clear and that I'm doing something right!

Mylan, New Zealand

Pulse # 47

My nasty cold has finally gone ... and good riddance to it too.  So this morning I started pulse 47. The weather forecast predicts rain all bloody week ... so what better thing than tinidazole pulsing? I've come back to bed; turned electric blanket nearly full on and pulled the covers over my head. God, that weather is foul!



How daft am I?

How daft can I be?  On Friday I finished what, I think, was, actually, pulse 5, but I'm not sure and need to check my diary, when I'm not cuddling my injured dog, whose happiness  is more important than counting!  But, with the need to test for myself, against advice, on my birthday, I had a couple, only a couple, of drinks, while pulsing Metroi. For anyone else who needs to find out for themself, drink at home, ill effects weren't immediate, but fairly quick. I didn't throw up, but I could have done! I felt nauseous and exhausted for a couple of days. I'm realising that improvement, for me, really is incremental, but it's there. I'm sure I'll step back again, but every good day tells me that I'm on the right track.


Good morning from Healthygal (formerly Healthygirl)!

Are there any Jeopardy watchers here?  Jeopardy is an iconic American Quiz show...

Last night one of the questions was about a British queen who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire in about AD 60.

I immediately yelled out Boudicea!

My fellow, who is a history buff just looked at me as if to say HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?

I was proud to answer that I'd learned about Boudicea on Cpnhelp!  I've learned lots of helpful information on Cpnhelp.

Thanks to everyone who contibutes!

Cough & a cold.

Hi folks!

I think that it is an inescapable fact that when we are popping lots of antibioticsi on this protocol, we inevitably ask ourselves whether we are doing the right thing or not. After all, taking lots of antibiotics is not a normal thing to do.

This week, I can genuinely say that I am glad that I am popping lots of antibiotics and, if I wasn't, I'd probably be one of those talked about people that bang on their doctor's door demanding antibiotics. I have one of those pesky colds that has decided to take up residence on my chest. Were it not for the fact that I am taking doxycycline, azithromycin and rifampicin, I'd be thinking that I need antibiotics.

Clozapine 25 mg 2-3 times a day

almost 1 year on clozapine it helps a lot

Desparate to find a doctor to help with treatment protocol

Good morning,

I am posting my message both here and on the form in hopes that someone reads it.

I have been suffering with chronic fatigue syndromei for over 20 years. Was only diagnosed in 2011 though. After many years of searching I finally found a doctor who was on board with me to start the protocol. However when the time came to start she shyed away and I am now left hanging.

I am desparate because it is so hard to find a dr willing to help and I was very enthusiastic to start my treatment protocol. The disease leaves me dealing with lots of symptoms and minimal functinality and this was my last hope.

I was wondering if anyone on this board can help me to find a dr who is willing to help. I live in Ontario, Toronto area however I am willing to travel.

Pulse # 46

About a week late this time but pulse #46 commenced earlier today at lunchtime.




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